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Review: Maximum Ride

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 17/05/2010 at 11:00
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  • Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a series of books about kids that can fly. They are written by James Patterson, an American author.

I have never written a review before so forgive me if it sucks.

Just so you know, I have read the Twilight series, the Harry Potter books and The House Of Night series but out of them all, my favourite book series of all time is Maximum Ride.

So I better tell you what it’s about; well basically there are six kids and a dog (who joins them later), but they’re not normal kids. They were grown in test tubes and experimented on in “the school” (or that’s what they call the research place where they were brought up). 

After escaping they spend most of their time on the run from "Erasers", who are wolf creatures. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel (plus Total the dog) are extraordinary kids with powers that they don’t fully understand yet. 

There are six books in the series:

The Angel Experiment
Schools Out Forever
Saving The World And Other Extreme Sports
The Final Warning

I really enjoyed reading and re-reading these books. Whether you enjoy romance, action, humour or fantasy, Maximum Ride is for everyone. 

I know everyone is all anti-Twilight and vampire books so Maximum Ride is a pleasant change. Plus if you can’t be bothered to read long books the film is out around June time (although that might be in America, I will find out). 

I fell in love with Maximum Ride from the very start, it’s definitely a book worth reading. Check out the website

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