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Review: Infinite Days By Rebecca Maizel

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 29/11/2010 at 13:45
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Warning this review contains spoilers.

The back of this book reads as follows:-
A beauty
A lover
A killer
A queen
Lenah Beaudonte,
Five hundred years of pain,
One chance to live and love again.

Inside Rebecca Maizel's book you get some more information (I always say never judge a book by its cover but read the inside cover first); I didn’t look a day over sixteen yet - if someone had calculated - on that particular day I officially turned 592.

It was Rhode Lewin - tall, chiselled, with eyes of cool blue - who made Lenah a vampire, but it was Lenah who made herself a queen. Now, after five centuries, she longs for something different. To feel the sun on her skin; the grass under her feet; the warm breath of a kiss. To be human again. But that requires a great sacrifice from the one vampire she truly loves - the irresistible Rhode. And her coven - the four vampires she led in decadence and thrilling destruction will want their queen back...

Now the cover of this book is intriguing enough, it looks like grease proof paper which has an amazing design of white and silver writing, then a design on the edge of the front cover on the book that looks like vines or tree branches, through this cover you can see a picture of a girl’s face and what grabs your sight first is her stare and he red lips.

Getting off the subject of the cover now I’ll dive into the story. Now I've read Twilight, Dracula and several other vampire books of a different "nature" but I must say this is the best one yet, and coming from me may not seem like much but in my world when I say I love a book and it was the best I mean it, I live on reading and totally enjoy the books I pick.

Infinite Days is a very moving and powerful story, it shows what some people are willing to do for love, and what others are willing to do to protect the people they care for, it delves straight into the unknown of witchcraft per say with rituals and even the meaning of different herbs and flowers. The main character Lenah is a 592-year-old vampire and after everything she has, she decides she wants to be human again, she talks to her best friend and lover Rhode and pleads he finds the ritual that can make her human again. Rhode loves Lenah so much that he’s willing to do anything to make her happy again and so as the book says he makes the ultimate sacrifice, he goes in search of this ritual and once he finds it he performs it on Lenah, he wishes that she can live and that he would die and throughout the story Lenah is reminded that it’s all in the “Intent” and so basically if you want something to happen so badly for the right reasons then it will happen. With that said you see this when Lenah wakes up and she is human, only to find her Rhode practically dying in front of her.

Lenah then has to live out a normal human life as a 16 year old and she does, although she’s noticed as a freak because of peculiar things she says and does, she finds a friend, a young boy who takes a shine to her, then she starts to crush on one of the “popular” boys that you see coming in the story from a mile off, this boy breaks it off with his current girlfriend to be with Lenah and by the end of the story you will be crying, after this boy, named Justin, learns the truth of who and what she was/is, he tells her he doesn’t care because he loves her, in return she tells him the same, not long after this Lenah’s coven come for her, she has to choose her life or the lives of her friends. 

To save the one she now loves she leaves and is remade vampire, but there is something different, she has gifts which she got because of her "intent", she was not selfish as she “died” again and only thought of the people she loved and cared about, hoping no one would suffer and her Rhode would have found peace. For months she lives out as a vampire again until one thing happens and she runs, she gets back to the boy she loves and kills her coven all but one to save the boy she loves, she then performs the ritual to save the one who was left and as she feels like she’s about to die tells Justin to leave instead of watching her live out her last moments but because he loves her he stays, she walks out into the sunlight and is amazed that she does not burn.

This ending was most powerful to me because after all she had done in her vampire life she even admitted to herself that she deserved to die but there she is at the end still not dead and by the seems of it once again human with the boy she loves... then again who knows?

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