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Review: BBC NOW - Americana Concert #2 @ Hoddinott Hall

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 08/11/2013 at 10:20
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BBC National Orchestra Of Wales
Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre
Friday 18th October 2013

We continue our journey of stateside music in the second Americana concert. We would be joined once again by Fred Child, only slighter later than planned live from Minnesota. The aptly named presenter Fiona Talkington was with us as before to guide us through the latest selection of the compositions.

Undoubtedly the inspiration for the film Baby’s Day Out, John Alden Carpenter’s Adventures In A Perambulator was frothy, yet tender. This half-hour work depicted a baby’s journey in his pram around New York. The child encounters a policeman, the lake, dogs and even a hurdy-gurdy. A pleasant way to start the concert, to be sure.

More Copland with his Piano Concerto. This sprawling fifteen-minute work threw several styles of music and was campy, rambunctious and stable when it wanted to be. American pianist William Wolfram, who was tall and looked a little like Hellboy, was described by Talkington as having a huge wingspan over the keys. He was spoke of in an interview before the concert, about how he didn’t want to make the jazzy parts too rigid, as some classical performers can do with jazz. He succeeded with this with his hands flowing over the keys, but ready to pounce on then at any moment.

Deciding to go to the front row of Hoddinott for the last part, William Schuman (not to be confused with the more famous Robert Schumann) and the third of his symphonies proved to be a triumph. This work made him famous and the audience here found it a resounding work. It built up and up and up, and made for a heady and daring score.

I am half way through the concerts now, and the other two also sound very enticing.

Rating: 7/10

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