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Review: 20th Century Boy @ New Theatre

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 20/06/2014 at 10:47
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  • 20th Century Boy

20th Century Boy

New Theatre, Cardiff

Monday 16th June 2014

Just for clarification, this performance was based on the life of Marc Bolan, lead singer of T-Rex.

If you're still confused, some of his most popular and well-known songs consist of Get It On, I Love To Boogie and of course 20th Century Boy.

This performance was based on the points of view of the family members of Marc Bolan - namely his son Rolan Bolan.

It starts off with news clippings from the tragic car accident that killed Marc and went on from there from when he was a little boy up until the point of his death.

I found the whole story fascinating and excellently portrayed all the way through. The entire show was very enticing and exciting to watch! With a live band performing songs from T-Rex and even the earlier songs created by Marc when he went through his hippy phase.

Throughout the show it reminded me of the story Grease, simply because of the way the story has been laid out. The story consists of both acting and singing and dancing, very similar to the musical Grease.

You learn a lot from this performance about the life of rock and roll and its bumpy road that comes along with it.

The show seemed to keep all audience members hypnotised with the fantastic costumes and interesting set design. The production used a very simple set design that changed regularly with a moving stage that came forward with the live band for every song played.

I would highly recommend for anyone and everyone to go and see this utterly amazing performance! Although the younger generation may not know much about Marc Bolan and T-Rex, almost everyone has heard their music and I'm sure would love this show!

I would happily go see it again because it was truly wonderful!

20th Century Boy is in the New Theatre, Cardiff till Saturday 21st June 2014

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