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Restaurant Review: IKEA Cardiff (Breakfast)

Posted by sean123 from Cardiff - Published on 16/07/2015 at 15:27
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Recently, I went down to IKEA in Cardiff Bay to have breakfast on a Saturday.

I had the nine item set breakfast which includes:

  • two sausages
  • two rashers of bacon
  • a tomato
  • baked beans
  • two hash browns
  • and one mini omelette. 

All for £2.75!

I know it used to be £1 but their breakfasts have only got better! It tasted absolutely amazing and I was really satisfied with it. There was hardly a queue at all; however I was down at 9:00am when they opened.

The only thing that wasn't so great was all the gristly bits in the bacon, which I had to spit out back on to the plate. But after all, it was less than £3!

Overall, lovely restaurant; they also do lunches and dinners as well which are amazing! Would strongly recommend!

Rating: ****

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simdude101 (correspondent)

simdude101 (correspondent)

Commented 6 months ago - 12th November 2015 - 16:56pm

Does IKEA really count as restaurant? Actually, yeah I guess it does, as long as you enjoy eating whilst looking at warehouse of flatpack furniture hell. All I remember eating at Ikea was a delicious Swedish delicacy, which was 50p or something ludicrously cheap like that, because they were having a celebration or something. Based on that experience, I have to agree! Great review!

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