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Pre-Release Review: EADT x737 V5 For X-Plane 10

Posted by simdude101 (correspondent) from Cardiff - Published on 04/04/2016 at 12:47
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When I heard the news that EADT were releasing a 3D cockpit of their acclaimed x737 project, I knew that I wanted to review it. I sent an email over to their support team, asking whether or not they could send me a copy early to review. I wasn't expecting my request to mount to anything much, but, to my surprise, I received an email back with a download link included, as well as tips and access to the internals webpage.

Of course, before I start, I must explain what the x737 is. For those of you who do not play X-Plane, the x737 is possibly the best freeware add-on available for the game. The quality (especially in this new version) is simply astounding for something that you don't have to pay a penny for.

The aircraft has over 200 additional free liveries, making this aircraft a truly essential part of anyone's X-Plane aircraft library.

Now, on with the review:

The aircraft itself, ever since the release of the first version, has been a triumph within the freeware community. Most freeware aircraft come with decent exteriors and often shocking interiors. Even though it is to be expected, it's still a bit disappointing when you find an aircraft that you have been searching for and find out it's awful when you download it.

However, the team over at EADT had different plans. They wanted to create a top quality, realistic aircraft that would be available to the masses. They have never charged for the project, despite the quality of the product that they produce.

First impressions:

My first impressions of the aircraft were good. The exterior appeared to be of a slightly higher resolution than of the previous version (4.9.3). Clearly the biggest change came within the actual cockpit. What had once been a functional 2D panel had now been transformed into a 3D masterpiece of design. Sitting there, it honestly felt as though I was actually in the cockpit of a 737. It is just so realistic. Everything from the panel lighting at night right down to the switches just seemed so real.

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First impressions are great and all, but, if something looks great but works awfully, the looks are about as useful as a car without wheels.

The aircraft handles brilliantly, and it responds exactly how you would expect it to. On taxi and take-off, it handles like a dream. In the air, the aircraft is brilliant, and the handling is so realistic; it's a real challenge to put it down on the runway at the end of your flight.

I completed a flight between Washington Dulles International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport, and the aircraft handled brilliantly throughout the entire flight. From take-off to touchdown, the flight was smooth and realistic.


The x737 project has always had a whole host of interesting features. Not least is the fact that you have the option to open the forward passenger doors, which allows an extra dose of realism, especially if you have an additional plugin, such as Autogate or JARdesign's brilliant Ground Handling Deluxe. This new edition is no exception. Along with, of course, the 3D cockpit, the addition of now being able to open the rear and aft cargo hold doors means that when the plane is at the gate it looks even more like the real thing. This works well with the previously mentioned JARdesign Ground Handling Deluxe. The aircraft sounds highly realistic, and the lighting is truly stunning. 

The Final Verdict:

EADT's x737 project has never failed to impress me, and version 5 is no exception to this rule. With it's new 3D cockpit, this aircraft is blazing the trail for the freeware community. The bar has been set high, really high. The fact that this aircraft has always been freeware and that it is showing no signs of changing is encouraging, and it ensures a bright future is there for X-Plane 10's freeware community.

Note: Thank you to Benedikt and Pierre - the masterminds behind this project - for letting me review this pre-release and for creating such a beautiful aircraft.

Note Note: The x737 V5 is not available to the public yet. I am not able to provide a release date, and the x737 team ask that you do not send them emails requesting a release date.

You can purchase X-Plane 10 on X-Plane 10's website and amazon.co.uk. The game is also available on Steam.

You can get EADT's x737 on EADT's website (note that Version 4.9.3 is the currently available model).


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