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Poem: Our Love

Posted by SregorandRyler from Cardiff - Published on 08/05/2014 at 13:47
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Our love is like a sea,
Endless, pure and free,
In the deep blue of your eyes would I forever be.

The waves in the great ocean,
Caress me like your silken skin lotion,
And teeth like the hidden pearls at the bed,
As deep and long as our love that surpasses the dead.

The harbour is our home,
The blue is our journey,
There is no end of the dome,
We can go forever, we are worthy. 

Worthy of happiness in our long existence,
Through the struggle of the tides, but our persistence
Will get us through the creatures and harmful beings,
I shall never let harm, with or without you being
In my life.

With all our mortal strifes,
There will be difficulties, the storm may take us down,
But we can swim, we can swim back without a frown.

Are you worried about us sinking, worried we may drown?
Your life before mine, I'll pick you high so you may see cloud.

So let's sail away, sail to the south, sail to the north,
We will conquer the world, you and I both.

Where ships have fallen, we will pass,
My arms wrapped around you, our eternal stance.  

Why? Well, our love is like a sea.
Endless, pure, and free;
And in the midst of your eyes, will I forever be.

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