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Poem: Not Yours

Posted by zippedlips from Cardiff - Published on 18/01/2016 at 16:35
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  • Split

I am not your sister or your mother
I am not here for you alone
Just to be your lover

I am not abandoning my life
Killing off friendships like flies
Just to be at your side

I may not like me
But I deserve to be free
I shouldn't feel trapped in your company

There was no trust or respect
And now I'm in a dark place
With some deep regrets
Wondering how something so short
Could be so intense

"No one will ever love you like I do"
Number one: F*** you
Number two: Not true
I've had a loving relationship not a relations*** 
Which is truly what this is

Well was
Thankfully was
You are not my ex lover you're my ex luster
We f***ed and maybe we both genuinely cared about each other

However the only way I ever loved you "baby" is the way I love every human being on this planet
From the twisted ones to the saviours
Hoping the best for them
Wishing minimum harm done
To themselves and their friends

On that note, I do wish the best for you
I hope you get therapy for your issues
I am sorry for what has happened to you
But that does not justify what you did to me

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Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 3 months ago - 18th January 2016 - 16:49pm

Hey zippedlips, thanks for sharing, powerful stuff.

If any readers are in a similar situation and want someone to talk to, Meic the national helpline for young people in Wales is available 24/7 - ring 080880 23456, text 84001, or web chat.

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