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Poem: Message In A Bottle

Posted by sean123 from Cardiff - Published on 21/04/2015 at 12:22
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I had to do this poem for my English class a while ago and I thought it would be great to share it with everybody. It is about a message in a bottle floating in the sea while pirates were around.

I am translucent and precise, spherical in shape,
I see the world as it is.
The sea surrounds me like a hungry pack of wolves,
Day after day, I bob along through the blue waves.

I reflect what I see, the ships and the sharks,
I have become part of the ocean.
Most of the time, I stare at the blue,
And my message stays sealed within.

My paper is stained with age; twenty years ago I was set free,
I still haven't been washed up on a lovely sandy beach.
When the sea becomes ferocious, I hope that I will float to paradise,
Up and down I go, with the rain clashing against my shell.

I am a needle in a haystack, sitting like a duck,
I watch the ships pass me unaware of my presence,
Swiftly I bob by unnoticed, watching violent battles,
People take a glance, but ignore me.

The sea has become part of my heart, although I long to run aground
Those lovely yellow beaches with the tall palm trees, is a dream of mine.
It would be paradise to wash up, somewhere like that.
I really hope it will come true one day.

I still wonder about my sender, is he alive or is he dead?
The island he's marooned on stays in my mind.
I think about him a lot and I'd love to be reunited,
He's the only one that cares about me.

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