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Poem: Love & Hate

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 03/11/2010 at 09:54
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  • Love, hate and everything in between

Disclaimer: If you are of a highly sensitive disposition, you may find some of the language used in this poem offensive.

Love and hate are intertwined
They go hand in hand with each other
When you love someone the hate is there
In the background, lurking and breathing down your neck
Love is not always forever
You can love someone with your whole heart
But you can hurt them
Destroy their soul and feeling of love
Breaking those glass hearts
Smashing dreams and breaking people
You hurt me and so I’ll hurt you back
Some people move on from the pain of anger and hate
They find their peace in sex and a new love life
Free from the bitch or asshole that hurt them
Yet there is the odd couple
That ends up far apart
Hating each other
Consumed by anger
Love and hate are intertwined
Two bodies consumed by one feeling or the next.

The man moves on, shags anything that he likes
He keeps hurting his ex in every way he can
He cuts her out of his life
Leaves her on her own to fight the world
He cried but now he’s filled with anger and wants to dominate
Knowing that his fianc/wife/girlfriend is left with her heart smashed like his
Now he is moving on and never going back
He’s so full anger and pain he wants to hurt her
He hates her so much; he’s hurting from how much he loved her.

The woman tries to move on, tries to find a new lover
She keeps trying to get her long time love back
Lurking around, keeping in contact
She can’t let go of the man who made her strong and powerful
She cried every night and can’t deal with what she’s lost
Knowing that her fianc/husband/boyfriend has walked
And he is never coming back
She’s realised how much she has hurt him
She knows how much she really wanted him.

Love and hate are intertwined
Two bodies consumed by one feeling or the next
Anger can create passion
Passion can create anger
A woman or a man can love with the heart or with the body
Some chose both; they become a lover and a life mate
Others chose to love with just one
They become either a slut or whore
Who love with their body, using sex to show their bodies love
Not love like from the heart, but love of touch
Love from one body to the next
Or they become a fool and a broken heart
Someone who loves with their heart
And gets thrashed
Their broken heart left with a broken dream
To get over the hatred or pain you must hit rock bottom
Before you can pull yourself up and fix the broken dream
Love and hate are intertwined
Two bodies consumed by one feeling or the next

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IMAGE: Life Death Love Hate Pleasure Pain by Rob Hogeslag

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Commented 66 months ago - 4th December 2010 - 22:27pm

i really liked reading this. very good. in fact i think what you said is actually quite truthful. keep up the good work ;)

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