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Poem: Gods To Men

Posted by SregorandRyler from Cardiff - Published on 04/02/2015 at 11:20
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  • Darkness

Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Let's go back in time,
I'm gonna take you out of your mind,
And plant you like a seed
In my world of dreams,
And then you'll truly see,
What it means to be me.

I want you to feel all the rage,
All the emotions locked up in a cage.
I want you to see my sadness,
Look at my eyes and taste the madness.
I want you to smell the fear,
Wear it around your wrist like a souvenir.
I want you to hear the laughter,
Can you hear me screaming like children in a disaster?
And I want you to taste the chaos,
My solemn swings of sheer pathos.
Out of everything, sense my pride, my biggest sin,
For that is the cage that keeps the beast in.
But the cage bursts, and the blast is a domino,
It wipes out everything, and the feeling is phenomenal,
There's violence in the streets, everything is insane,
It all comes from me, and the evil blood in my veins.
The sour in my teeth, and the secrets they keep,
My tongue is black from the tar of lies,
I'm the leader of this world! These people, these sheep,
They'll follow me, till the light of their eyes dies.

Praise he! I say, praise he! He that takes the sun
In his pocket, saving it for a rainy day.
Blessed he! I say, blessed be he! That is undone
Of all things that gloom and bloom the grey.
Oh the wicked are without strings,
Wandering lost like throneless kings.
May he be the redeemer, the one to kill us all,
And cursed be the man who stands over us tall.
And in my lucent empire came to me,
Man of the night whose eyes may have been
Blacker than the darkness in thee.
And he spoke to me, with immortal strife.
"I am the mysterious! Ye mighty brother.
Thee great falcon that doth prey!
Oh, forgive me, I shall hunt you like another,
And oh, my sweetest soul, it is you I shall betray."
And nothing of the crooked man remained.
My life relinquished by the pale moonlight
At my hands I stare, the blood red sustained.
Look at the world, my dearest friend, there is no fight

And, what if I told you, oh sweet soul, that God doesn't exist?
And this whole life was just a story, rigged with a twist?
There's something bothering you, isn't there? 
I can see it in your eyes. 
I see the ferocious red lightening strikes in those, 
Deep blue skies.

Greed to greed, riches to riches, pride to pride.
Plead to plead, stitches to stitches, died to died.

So, raise the chains. Make me laugh.
I'd like you to walk with me on the path.
I want you to see the sun. Watch it set west.
Look unto the moon, with eyes void of rest.
Be the man on the lawn, who plays with the kids
And likes to shoot his gun. He stares up at you, forbids
You from leaving the room. What do we do?
There's a small water stain on that ball of blue.
And looking down, I see all beneath me
The times that have adhered to forsaken we. 
The Man under ground shows a sinister smile
With teeth that taste sweeter than red bile.
In my sober ruins I was sat at flat tree,
And in my whitest day, man of sight came to me
And his eyes may have been more wholesome, than all I claim to be.
He whispered to me, with mortal rest.
"Do you see now, fallen friend?
Out of all your corruption,
The great bird has met its end.
With melancholy obstruction,
I will never forgive you.
Whilst you sat there pondering over darkloid things,
I am at all my rest up there with the king of kings.
What can be done, you say, oh what can be done?
Oh, my bitter, lost friend. Turn around to the sun,
Be a brand new constellation.
Pay for all the promises you never gave,
For it is you, I will forever never save."
And the white wholesome man stayed with me for all my days
Failing to keep those daunting dark demons at their evil bays.
I could never make the balance, for the fears I never craved.
The white man had enough, he stood on the edge of the world and waved.
And who could say, we would never try?
We're a mistake that always failed to die.
And all the random riff-raff that always spread rife, 
Was just another marvellous day in the life.


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