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Poem: Feathers

Posted by psychoblob from Cardiff - Published on 02/12/2013 at 17:52
2 comments » - Tagged as Creative Writing, Sport & Leisure

  • Rainbow Feather

Fluttering gently, carried on the breeze,

Floating through the clouds and streets with ease.

A soft white shade, so delicate and pure,

Used to the beat of a wing and more.

Feathers flying through the sky, twirling, twisting - stop.

Caught in the gentle grip of the trees, in a field of crops.

It moves on sharply, whipped away by the weather,

Once more, carried away, just a simple feather.


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Photo Credit: alles-schlumpf via Compfight cc

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Commented 29 months ago - 7th December 2013 - 19:05pm

Beautiful! Just like a feather!



Commented 29 months ago - 9th December 2013 - 21:02pm

thanks bookathon1!! x

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