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Peer Pressure

Posted by zippedlips from Cardiff - Published on 05/07/2012 at 10:38
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I have experienced lots of peer pressure during my life; it's been exhausting.

I still give in sometimes but not as much as I used to.

Schools teach you to be yourself yet you have to wear a uniform so limited self-expression is a bit of a mixed message.

The pressure you experience growing up can be over various things. Personal consumption is a big thing within peer pressure. Do I drink alcohol or smoke weed or eat meat? It doesn't matter and I shouldn't be ridiculed if I don't conform and I shouldn't be ridiculed if I break my own rules because I don't see it as rules in the first place; it's whatever I feel comfortable with.

Unless I started seeing a serious problem emerging, I wouldn't comment on what you are consuming because I respect your decisions. Why is it so hard to let people decide what to do with their own bodies?

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Commented 47 months ago - 5th July 2012 - 13:05pm

Does peer pressure still exist? I've never encountered it. I'm virtually T-Total and get some odd looks from my friends when they find out. They ask if I'd like to try some alcohol, and after I've told them why, they let off. It's important to understand when people are trying to get you to do something negative so they feel in control and in charge, and when they are just trying to do what they see as the best for you.

Obviously though, if people are trying to get you to do something illegal, that is a problem. Say no to drugs kids!



Commented 47 months ago - 6th July 2012 - 12:52pm

With peer pressure, although it may be difficult to refuse, you should never allow someone else to tell you what to do e.g. drink alcohol. Your friends should respect you for being you rather than giving in to what they pressure you to do. :)



Commented 46 months ago - 11th July 2012 - 10:30am

Stormer007 - Yes, peer pressure still exists.I assume your referring to now that your older people are less likely to pressure or I'd be smart enough to now hang out with certain groups etc.If you were to assume that peer pressure doesn't exist at all (especially in various areas of life) it would be very naive of you.Your experiences are going to be different to mine, I know the difference between pressure and banter but to me consistent banter can be just as bad or even sometimes worse than peer pressure in the same way that if little things in the day stress you out it can build up.I probably would have been better off calling this article "conformity and comfort zones" but to me the definition of peer pressure is self explanatory (pressure of your peers).There have been times where I have perceived things to be peer pressure and it's all one messed up situation but as I have grown I am hoping my perceptions have gotten better.There have been times where people have pressured me so much that it's not just enough to do that, that they've spiked me and put me in a downward spiral.I don't like the idea that if you don't drink you have to justify it.

DanielleNicole15 - Thanks for the advice, I wish it were that easy in practice but it's not always the case.



Commented 46 months ago - 11th July 2012 - 13:12pm

Well, actually I was referring to the fact that even when I was younger nobody ever pressured me to do anything. As far as I'm concerned, peer pressure, like most things, only exists if you let it.



Commented 46 months ago - 11th July 2012 - 14:14pm

Ok, that's understandable. I can agree with it to some extent, I think when your younger it's alot to harder to because your trying to understand yourself.It's hard to explain.



Commented 46 months ago - 11th July 2012 - 14:43pm

I do understand what you mean. I understand that it's hard, and it's difficult to offer solutions to children too young to understand what's important in life.



Commented 46 months ago - 11th July 2012 - 15:45pm


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