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Orcs and Elves Nintendo DS review

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 12/03/2008 at 13:50
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In the deapth of the middle earth comes a very short end of ID Software’s Orcs and Elves which brings Quake and Doom RPG to very shortening days boring sprite gaming.

I hardly got more live less of having to enjoy times of boring levelling up days before admiring 2d scrolls from your Mobile phone to Hand held days of gaming.

You play as a silent Elf warrior who likes nothing else but throwing bows and wands at monsters, enjoys having a bloodbath and carries a talking wand.

What you must do in the game is simply go around a little mountain that is full of ugly Orcs, who wants nothing more but to kill people for no random reason what so ever. Win money from badies to buy useless junk from a lazy dragon that lives in a strange dark lair full of riches you just want to steal from him while trying not to offend him so it can burn you.

Trying to defeat bosses is one thing, but having to fight a big group of enemies is really a bad thing that can happen to you. You got to fight, while yout wand uses harsh words, throwing bolts of junk at enemies faces.  

The difficulty is sometimes unforgiving such as a monster popping up on screen and helpinghimself to an Elf sandwich.

If you enjoy watching complete shortness in play then knock yourself out. But personally I like ability to knock myself on Orcs and Elves with no else but a Wand.

The rating I give for this game:

Graphics 7/10
Neat details but with 2d visuals is not as impressive.

Sound 6/10
Hardly any music just sound that just gets repetitive as you go along.

Gameplay 8/10
Neat turn based dungeon crawled mixed with DS Stylus controls which could have more real use with the game

Story 5/10
Very short story, Id’ wish it was longer to enjoy.  But even though you’ll have a nice time playing it.


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