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October's Reading Power Book Club: Lemony Snicket's Who Could That Be At This Hour?

Posted by Reading Power from Cardiff - Published on 02/10/2014 at 14:06
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  • Lemony Snicket's Who Could That Be At This Hour?

We are very pleased to announce that October 2014’s Reading Power Book Club selection, as suggested by Sprout Editorial Group member SamuelPatterson, is Who Could That Be At This Hour? by Lemony Snicket.

It will also be the first book to be discussed at the brand-new Reading Power Book Club meeting, which will happen in Cardiff Central Library on Saturday 8th November 2014 and to which you are all invited! More details to follow in another article on theSprout but keep that date free.

Who Could That Be At This Hour? is the first novel in the All The Wrong Questions series, which is set before the events of A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

So what's this all about then? Here's the blurb...

In a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organisation nobody knows about. He began asking questions that shouldn’t have been on his mind. Now he has written an account that should not be published, in four volumes that shouldn’t be read. This is the first volume.

So expect to dive into the gothic darkness of Lemony Snicket's murky but humorous world. If you still not sure, then click here to can read an excerpt from the book.

You don't have to buy the book to take part in the club, just take a trip to your local library and borrow one for free (and we've been promised there's plenty of copies available).

Once you've read the book come back here and post your thoughts in the comments section below. Please note that you have to be signed in to comment - if you're not already a member of theSprout you can register here.

If you have already read it, please share your views on the book and let's get the discussion going!

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Commented 19 months ago - 3rd October 2014 - 12:01pm

Ah, glorious times! Who Could That Be At This Hour? is an absolutely brilliant book, and if you loved A Series of Unfortunate Events, then you're going to love this new series. Three of the four books have already been published (the third one only came out last week!) and the books have so much to offer. Not only do they have their own brilliant and whimsical plot, but they also occasionally offer greater insight into the world of ASOUE. The third book was particularly revealing!

Lemony Snicket is a fantastic writer. His use of prose and character is something to be admired and whilst the books are admittedly aimed at a younger audience, I still delight in his use of a more formal, almost unplaceable style. Snicket has a way of creating entire new worlds that are strange to us, but not completely unrecognisable. A world you want to investigate more and more! A world where people still introduced themselves by their last name and always wore fanciful attire. A world where you could meet your new accomplices in a diner and have a milkshake. Oh the desirability of it all.

Read it now. Read it!

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