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My Week With Burning Red

Posted by CLIConline from Anglesey - Published on 09/07/2009 at 13:48
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My Week with Burning Red (the people who, with ProMo-Cymru, keep this website running smoothly)

Work experience. The one week (minimum) of school life spent familiarising yourself with working life.
Depending where you go, this could include boring, repetitive tasks like stacking shelves, mopping floors or picking up garbage.
No offence to the people who do these jobs every day (look at it as a favour to the nation; somebody’s got to do it) but these things don’t normally appeal to the majority of today’s teenagers.
I was very lucky to find the small company that is Burning Red (since it is compacted in a small building down the narrow road that is Burt Street). The company design websites (including this one), flyers, magazines and many other things using computers, cameras and the natural backgrounds of Cardiff.
Since I want to do something with computers when I am older, this seemed like a good place to spend my week of work experience. I was not wrong. 
On the first day I was introduced to Jennifer, a fellow teen also gaining work experience. We were both given the run down of the company and what they do by Gareth Green. That took the morning, and in the afternoon we were instructed to create a mood board for use as a background on theSprout website.
No magazine withstood the wrath of me and a pair of scissors. This project took the afternoon, including some of the second day and the morning of the third day. I’m still convinced mine needs something else but if I see another story about the latest celebrity couple (from months ago), I’ll scream. 
In between making the mood board, we were shown how to use Photoshop (by Amy, the only female employee) and Photo Story. I used the latter to create two simple yet effective videos for the Fine Line website, one of Burning Red’s clients. We were also told to design the magazine for CLIC.
Using Photoshop and a huge amount of help from another of Burning Red’s employees, Carl, I managed to finish what, I think, is the best of the five designs. The magazine designs can all be seen on the CLIC website and you, the viewing public, can vote for your favourite (mine’s number 5, in case you were asking).
On day 4, Jennifer and I were taken around Cardiff on a photo shoot by Nick, yet another employee. Manned with the task of finding suitable backdrops for clients’ flyers and posters, with only a camera and a reflector, we set off on our epic journey. Against all of the elements (it was just a tad hot), we got the shots we needed and then ran back to shelter just before the storm hit (it started spitting!). And that ended the action-packed fourth day.
I am currently writing this on the fifth and final day. I would like to thank everyone at Burning Red (although, I think the donuts said it all). I have thoroughly enjoyed the week and I recommend them to anyone who wants work experience in the field of computers and design.
Burning Red :: ProMo-Cymru :: Volunteering Directory :: Employment & Training Directory :: Media & Arts Directory

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