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My Discrimination Rant

Posted by AddictedToDrPepper1 from Cardiff - Published on 02/03/2011 at 12:44
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The topic of gay marriage is one that has recently come to my attention.

In 2008 Proposition 8, which stated that, "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California" was passed in a ballot referendum by a vote of 52% to 48%. In August of last year a judge overturned the proposition, declaring it "unconstitutional" but stayed his ruling pending appeal. A higher court has since indefinitely extended this stay before the judge could lift it. As of today marriage between people of same-sex in California is illegal. The fact that this was voted in by an incredible 4% victory, just chills me to the bone. 

This form of mass discrimination should not still be with us now in the 21st century. Racism and homophobia of this level just shows how little we have evolved from the dark ages. I personally am bi-curious and furthermore it is something that I am very much open about. 

It is not however something that I nor anyone else should be ashamed of, regardless of the views of others. I was raised with the principle that everyone has freedom of speech and to have the ability to do or be whatever you wanted to do, within reason of course. I do not understand homophobia or racism. It is alien to me how someone can be so cruel to judge someone based on their religion or what sex they find attractive to them.

I have been a victim of racial and homophobic hatred because of the simple reason that I am bi-sexual and also because I am Jewish. The fact that these people, these voters hide behind misinterpreted Bible quotes sickens me. They have the view that being homosexual is a sin, but isn’t taking away someone’s free choice to be with someone of the same sex not a sin? To murder, rape, steal is very much a sin but taking away someone’s right of marriage just because you conceive it to be wrong, can also be viewed as sinful. I have many friends who are Christians and Muslims (as well as other religions) who respect my rights as they would anyone else.

So why can't other people? Why did they think it was acceptable to destroy thousands of happy people's lives, all because they fear homosexuality and everything for which it stands?

Their fear of what they do not understand and what they are not willing to understand is called ignorance. Every person who voted yes on Prop 8, you are ignorant. Blind ignorance, people judging others based on fairy-tale lies, leads to tragedies.

There is a famous quote, "those who do not stand with us, stand against us." The meaning is simple; if you do not condemn, then you are condoning. Laugh along with a bully, you are a bully.

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Commented 63 months ago - 2nd March 2011 - 18:12pm

Hey! This rant is really good! I support you whole heartedly =) Actually, i wrote a LGBT rant myself through the power of verse =P Have a look for it if you like, it's called "LGBT Rant in Verse".... I like the originality of the title haha!

Back to your article though, I think you really have hit the nail on the head! Brilliant article! Look forward to more rants =)


Commented 63 months ago - 2nd March 2011 - 20:06pm

Hey! Thanks dude! First time writing, so feedback is epic! :D I'll check out your stuff!



Commented 63 months ago - 3rd March 2011 - 15:56pm

A very eloquent and articulate article, well done :)



Commented 63 months ago - 3rd March 2011 - 22:52pm

Hear hear! Completely agree with you, very well put aswell! these two videos are hilarious- the one is firmly against gay marriage and the other a mickey take of it- shows the complete nonsense of homophobia..



Commented 63 months ago - 3rd March 2011 - 22:59pm

Unfortunately embedding is disabled for this video, but my absolute favourite parody video summing up the ridiculousness of discrimination has to be this one:


It even gets bonus points for teaching you a bit about the Bible. ;)



Commented 63 months ago - 4th March 2011 - 10:15am

"I'm a sprout and I don't other like veg being forced on me."



Commented 56 months ago - 10th October 2011 - 21:43pm

My e-mail got hacked :'( AGAIN, so everything I post will be on my new account (which is the one i'm using right now....) I might re-post this rant onto my new page so if you see it please don't accuse me of Plagiarism!

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 56 months ago - 11th October 2011 - 09:32am

Good to have you back AddictedToDrPepper

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 56 months ago - 11th October 2011 - 09:45am

Ha! I'm afraid we can't have re-posts so I've transferred this article over to your new name. Please accept your new avatar as a gesture of good will.



Commented 54 months ago - 7th December 2011 - 00:37am

Aha, thanks, I haven't been on here for what feel like forever D:

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