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My Christmas Film Picks

Posted by caraphernelia from Cardiff - Published on 11/12/2012 at 15:46
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So, lately I have been getting into the Christmas spirit of things. There are Christmas decorations everywhere you look and I love the atmosphere.

One of my favourite things about Christmas is by far the films that you watch to get you into the Christmas spirit. In this article I have written reviews about my favourite films to basically give you a heads up on what films I think are brilliant to watch at Christmas time. [Sub-Ed Note: Contains spoilers]

The Grinch

Synopsis: The Grinch is based on a book by the famous Dr. Seuss. Inside a snowflake is the land of Whoville. The Grinch was isolated by the Whos as a child and that turned him into the nasty, horrible character he is portrayed as in the film. The Whos love Christmas with all their heart but The Grinch is the opposite and tries his best to ruin the festive season. He makes a visit to the village to ruin all the presents and meets a little girl called Cindy Lou Who. He to begin with pushes her aside but she makes a visit to where he lives and isn't scared of him unlike all the other Whos, which the Grinch isn't used to.

Cindy then reveals that she has got him nominated for an award in the up coming Who-bilation. The Grinch at first refuses to go down to the village but later on changes his mind and decides to go down. He later regrets this when the Mayor proposes to Martha May Who, the girl The Grinch has liked ever since he was little. The Grinch gets angry and ends up ruining the Christmas tree and scratching the car the Mayor had bought for Martha May. The Grinch feeling worse than ever about Christmas decides that he will stop it from even coming. He dresses up as Santa Clause and goes to every house and stealing all the presents from the houses. He takes everything to the top of Mount Crumpit near where the Grinch lives and is going to drop it off over the edge.

The Whos are at first distraught that Christmas has been ruined but they realise that Christmas isn't all about presents and gifts it’s also about family and celebrating. You don’t need presents to have a good Christmas. The sound of the Whos singing makes The Grinch wonder what on earth was going on and how they could be so happy when he had taken all their gifts. He begins to feel a sort of emotion and his heart grows three times the size of what it was to begin with. The Grinch returns to Whoville and apologies for what he has done. Martha May then says to the Mayor she cannot marry because her heart belongs to The Grinch and always will.

Review: This is one of my favourite Christmas films of all time. My favourite thing about this is the way that when you start watching it, The Grinch has such a negative effect on Christmas, so you feel it will be like that the whole way through. This is brilliant because when his heart grows it is a huge shock and it has an effect on the person watching the film. Another one of my favourite things is the humour throughout. The Grinch makes quotes that make my stomach hurt from laughter. I think it’s his negativity at the beginning that makes the person watching the film laugh.

The storyline is absolutely outstanding; there is always action going on and you never feel bored when watching the film because there’s always something different going on. I think it is a heart-warming story and would recommend it to anyone who asked me about it. I feel that every actor and actress plays their role perfectly especially Jim Carey who plays The Grinch; he gets the character spot on.

Criticism: There isn't very much that I can say that is negative about this film. There are only two aspects I feel can be counted as a criticism. One of which is the look of The Grinch. He is meant to scare the whole of Whoville but he may also scare younger children who watch the film but I guess it is rated PG. The other minor criticism I have is regards the humour. I find the film hysterical but there is adult humour that some children may not understand. I feel the humour could have been more obvious and adapt the humour in the film around children and adults.

The Polar Express

Synopsis: The film is about a boy who has got to the age of which he stops believing in Santa Claus. The boy wakes up to a loud thunderous noise in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and puts on his dressing gown to go and investigate. He walks down the stairs and opens the door to find a train stopped outside of his house. Confused on what to do, he walks over to the train conductor and he asks if the boy is getting aboard. The boy asks where the train is going and of course the train conductor explains how it is going to the North Pole. The boy jumps on the train to find many other boys and girls in the same situation as him. On their way to the North Pole many problems occur including one of the children losing their ticket and having to hunt for it so they are able to stay on the train. When they arrive the children meet Santa Claus and each get a little present. When the boy returns home he finds a present under the tree delivered by Santa Claus, which ends the film.

Review: I love this movie and I feel it really puts you in a good mood for Christmas. It is a feel good film and it brilliant for young children to watch. Well I’m a teenager and I love this film so I guess it’s suitable for all ages. The main reason I love this film is because of its originality. With most Christmas films you travel to the North Pole by a sleigh that Santa comes to pick you up in but I like the whole idea of there being a train. I also like the idea of the problems that get in the way of some children being able to arrive there. It keeps you on the edge while watching the film and makes you ponder on whether they are going to actually make it to the North Pole or not. Over all I think it’s a brilliant film and again I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked.

Criticism: It is very hard for me to criticise this film because it is truly one of my favourites but the one thing I think lets it down is the animation; I just don’t feel that it is lifelike enough. Other than that there isn't anything else that I can say that is bad about this film.

The Snowman

Synopsis: The storyline of this I think is beautiful. It is about a young boy who builds a snowman on a cold winter day. At midnight the snowman comes to life. The first part of the story is the snowman trying to understand things like the toys the boy owns. They then go on a motorcycle and ride around. In the second part the boy and the snowman begin to fly and travel over the town and going past many places and seeing many animals. When they land they walk hand in hand to a snowman's party. They dance with the snowmen and the boy meets Santa Claus and he gives him a patterned scarf. The boy goes home and wakes up in the morning to the sun shining bright and the snowman melted. He wonders if it were all a dream or whether it really happened. He discovers the scarf and gets upset over the loss of his snowman.

Review: I love this film and always have since a young age. I love the fact that throughout there is no speech. The feelings they have are shown in their facial expressions and the music. That’s another one of the things I love; the music that they use in the background. Tracks such as Walking In The Air and Dance Of The Snowmen are brilliant and highlights for me. Overall I think it’s an amazing film and it’s suitable for any age to watch.

Criticism: Like the other two films it is one of the best feel-good Christmas films I’ve ever seen. One thing I don’t like is the shortness of it. It ends all of a sudden and you want it to carry on for a bit longer due to the fact it only lasts for 27 minutes. Many may disagree and think this is what makes the film but I feel if it were longer there could be more adventures between the boy and snowman.

Anyway I hope I have encouraged you to go and watch these films or if you've seen them to go and watch them again. I mean, you can never go wrong with a good Christmas film. My personal favourite out of all three has to be The Grinch. The plot is amazing and Jim Carey plays his part so well. All in all I think they’re all brilliant Christmas films and I know I’m always in the Christmas spirit after watching one of them!

What Christmas movies get you in the mood? Comment below!


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Commented 41 months ago - 11th December 2012 - 18:57pm

Elf and the grinch!



Commented 41 months ago - 11th December 2012 - 20:38pm

I agree, both of those films are amazing :Dx


Commented 41 months ago - 12th December 2012 - 09:19am

Love this review, really well written and informative :) My favourite Christmas films are The Grinch and The Muppets' Christmas Carol!

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