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March's Reading Power Book Club: Howl's Moving Castle

Posted by Reading Power from Cardiff - Published on 01/03/2014 at 00:01
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  • Howl's Moving Castle

Is March the most Welsh of months?

There's daffodils springing up everywhere, the Six Nations is usually in full swing and there is of course the small matter of St. David's Day at the very start of it.

With all this in mind then, we've decided to pick an author closely associated with Wales this month and her most famous book is partially set here to boot!

March's Reading Power Book Club selection is Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.

Here's the blurb...

Sophie has the great misfortune of being the eldest of three daughters, destined to fail miserably should she ever leave home to seek her fate. But when she unwittingly attracts the ire of the Witch of the Waste, Sophie finds herself under a horrid spell that transforms her into an old lady. Her only chance at breaking it lies in the ever-moving castle in the hills: the Wizard Howl's castle. To untangle the enchantment, Sophie must handle the heartless Howl, strike a bargain with a fire demon, and meet the Witch of the Waste head-on. Along the way, she discovers that there's far more to Howl - and herself - than first meets the eye.

Howl's Moving Castle is also a film by the brilliant Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli (the trailer is up the top there).

So there you go, this month's Reading Power Book Club selection is Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. You don't have to buy the book, just take a trip to your local library and borrow one for free.

Once you've read the book come back here and post your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you have already read it, please share your views on the book and let's get the discussion going!

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