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Losing A Limb

Posted by DanielleNicole15 from Cardiff - Published on 17/01/2013 at 11:48
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Author's note: I wrote this dystopia piece not long ago based on the attitude of today's generation. Take a read and comment what you think the 'limb' is. Thanks!

The new law has been put in place. We all have to get rid of our vital limb.

Screams surround me. Voices are all around me. They're saying that everything's going to change.

What will we do without our vital limb? We've been attached to it for too long and without it, everything will turn chaotic. It not only tells the time but allows us to communicate, appreciate, dilate, annihilate.

Benefiting us whilst also disadvantaging us. This fundamental limb remains a necessity to humanity at present.

Without it, everyone will be driven to insanity. Why? Well isn't it obvious? It's a part of us now. To starve people of this limb would be like slicing off a part of their brain. They wouldn't be able to function.

The shouts continue. Riots. Police everywhere. Chaos is in the process of creation. It feels like a war has begun, all because everyone will (without a doubt) be lost without their limb.

Stop. Is that a gun I hear? People pulling the trigger to their ear? No one can fathom the possibility of life without their essential body part, their lifeline, their escape.

Over a period of ten minutes a wave of howling covers the world. The limb helped spread the news. Even children are lamenting at the news, for they will be affected the most. Losing this limb could kill them. Their essence defeated, primarily.

The world couldn’t react any worse.
Commotion continues. Pandemonium rises.
This limb is everyone’s sustenance.

Crowds are uncontrollable.
The police have lost all their authority.
Floods of anger cover the world.
People of the world cry out in pain.

Our vital limb is lost.

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Photo Credit: Arenamontanus via Compfight cc

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