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June's Reading Power Book Club: My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece

Posted by Sprout Editor from Cardiff - Published on 01/06/2012 at 12:40
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June's book club choice is My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher.

The story follows 10 year old James as he lives through the aftermath of his sister's death due to a terrorist attack. 

The family had moved to the Lake District for a new start when the tragedy happened. James tells the story of how his family struggles to cope with their loss, but when he see's an advert on TV for a talent show this sparks a glimmer of hope. 

From that point James makes it his mission to save his family. He knows exactly what he needs to do.

When you do read the book, remember to pop back here and post your thoughts on the book below in the comments section. If you've read it already please feel free to start the discussion!

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Commented 48 months ago - 2nd June 2012 - 12:27pm

A great book, complicated yet basic in the way it is writing from the point of veiw of a young boy who doesn't understand the big wide world and some of the issues he faces
It really makes us qustion how we see the world and that being older does not nessisarily make our view the best
The author has touched on topics such as the London bombings, alcohol abuse and prejudice with so much sensitivity which takes a great skill
A story of forbidden love and loss that isn't understood
I have never read a book like this and the simpleness of it really got me thinking
Read this sprouters! It's not overly long and easier to understand than most so give it a go over your half tem holidays :) x


Commented 46 months ago - 13th July 2012 - 17:27pm

i started this book yesterday and i'm already almost on chapter 3! from what i've read so far this is a sad story about the tradgic death of a girl called rose. as you follow the story of rose;s brother jamie's story as him and rose's twin sister jas move house make new friends and overcome other childhood obsticals. i would recomend this book to children who prefer nonfictional but realistic storys.



Commented 46 months ago - 17th July 2012 - 12:23pm

A well written, easy to read book which effortlessly tackles issues of childhood neglect, alcoholism and friendship. A bit twee at points. It's a bit like a more grown-up Jacqueline Wilson novel, and I would recommend to younger readers or for older readers who want a quick, but nonetheless interesting read.


Commented 46 months ago - 27th July 2012 - 11:06am

This book is really good. It shows you the things that can happen to you in your life, but none of them are expected in the slightest! I enjoyed it and I'd recomend it to people who want a quicker read. I don't want to give to much away, but it got quite sad towards the end. Read it to find out want happens!!!


Commented 46 months ago - 28th July 2012 - 12:36pm

i have read more into this boook now and i am starting 2 join jamie on his emotinal jorney. it i upsetting at times espeshily when the boys in his class start making fun of him. he soon gets back on his feet though when he makes friends with sunya. although Jamie is worried about what his dad might say because sunya is a muslim and his dad hates muslims, ever since they put a bomb in a bin that killed jamies sister rose. if you want to know more u should read the book and see how his jorney changes.


Commented 46 months ago - 30th July 2012 - 22:01pm

wow this book was ?sad? at the beginning i think I don't no it was all a bit weird but i still liked it !


Commented 45 months ago - 23rd August 2012 - 20:58pm

This book is so sad! It is quite cool how it is written from Jamie's point of view, and it is so well written that i really feel for the characters! It is really relevant to today's society, containing topics like loss, neglect, drinking, racism and family issues. It is a really great read and i wish it was longer, though parts may make you reach for that box of tissues!



Commented 45 months ago - 25th August 2012 - 10:14am

Read this with my librarian because I couldn't understand it at first, but when we talked about it, this book finally became clear


Commented 44 months ago - 28th September 2012 - 09:44am

A very good book



Commented 42 months ago - 5th November 2012 - 22:28pm

I didn't like this book. I just didn't find the boy believable. To me it was full of cliches of what adults think children would say and think. It lacked authenticity and because of this, even though the story was pretty good, I just couldn't relate to it.

<3 JB+1D

<3 JB+1D

Commented 40 months ago - 12th January 2013 - 12:18pm

I loved it, It was soo sad :(



Commented 39 months ago - 13th February 2013 - 13:19pm

I did this book at the Carnegie shadowing day in 2012 (google it ;) ) Read it and I nearly cried, so sad. Well written!

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