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July’s Reading Power Book Club: Twilight

Posted by Reading Power from Cardiff - Published on 01/07/2013 at 10:21
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July’s Reading Power Book Club selection is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Without further ado (and with a little surprise), Twilight is our next selection for our book club. This being our 17th book on the list, we don’t know why this wasn’t selected sooner. If you haven’t heard of the Twilight series, then you must have been living on the Moon. This book needs little introduction. It has become one of the most popular and successful books of recent years.

If you don’t know the story already, teenager Bella Swan moves from Arizona to Washington State. Here she encounters Edward Cullen. The first book in the series tries to discover if he is actually a vampire. Can Bella fall in love with someone that is not human? Riveting stuff…

Get involved with this month's Reading Power Book Club. You don't have to buy the book, just take a trip to your local library and borrow one for free. If you have already read it, please share your views on the book and let's get the discussion going.

Happy reading and re-reading!

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If you have any suggestions for future selections or would simply like to share what you're reading at the moment then click below.

What are you reading?

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Commented 35 months ago - 1st July 2013 - 18:28pm

I love the Twilight Series. I think Stephanie Meyer is very talented. I am hoping that when I've edited my book it'll be at least half as good as them! x



Commented 34 months ago - 2nd July 2013 - 19:26pm

I have nothing to say. There is no story line and it isn't written very well, but the host is very good!
I'm sorry but that's just my personal opinion!



Commented 34 months ago - 3rd July 2013 - 15:32pm

I agree with @CR3ATIV3 - I don't like Twilight AT ALL but I love the Host! I saw the film as well which was good but the book is better!!!



Commented 34 months ago - 3rd July 2013 - 19:55pm

I have to agree with b00kw0rm99 and CR3ATIV3 here. Not for me.


Commented 34 months ago - 20th July 2013 - 13:37pm

Lots of people have a very strong disliking to this book, but I am one of the few people who actually liked it. Twilight was the first vampire book I had read, so the whole aspect of falling in love with a vampire was new to me. Since then I have read many more books that include romances with a vampire but I am glad to say that this is still my favourite. I think that the story had a good balance of being realistic and non-realistic. I think that it was a very interesting book and I would definately read it again.

Jeff the Fridge

Jeff the Fridge

Commented 34 months ago - 24th July 2013 - 11:20am

I feel there is way too much hate aimed towards the Twilight series of books. Sure, they aren't sterling quality reads that deserve your attention and the fanbase doesn't do much to help that, but they aren't downright awful either. I know a few people who've liked Twilight. and they mostly agree that it's not perfect but people just assume they're rubbish from those atrocious movie adaptations, but the books are so much more than that. Would you judge the entire Harry Potter series of books just from the stilted acting in Philosopher's Stone, of course not, so why should we do the opposite here?



Commented 34 months ago - 30th July 2013 - 21:12pm

For me, Twilight was a book where I could sit and be kind of mindless for a while- in a good way I mean. I read it a few years before the movies (totally hipster y'all!) and I honestly enjoyed it at the time. It was a nonsense book I didn't have to care about and at the time I liked that.

After the movies came out I went back to read it, thinking the movie must have ruined such an amazing book only to realise my own error. When I started looking for things to dislike about the book, that's when I really started to get annoyed by it. When I wasn't paying too much attention it was fine, but now the lack of character depth was screaming at me. And the quality of Bella and Edward's relationship was just plain odd!

So for this book, I say don't pay attention. Weirdly, disliking this book now has made me realise how much my reading tastes have matured since I was 12. And I have no regrets about this. I'm much happier reading the books I do now than what I read when I was 12. But yeah, Twilight really is harmless fun if you don't think about it too hard. But if you enjoy something that actually makes you think, which I now do, you probably won't enjoy it.

Judith Shakespeare

Commented 33 months ago - 1st August 2013 - 15:20pm

I completely agree with Snoo.

I read these before the films came out too, and I think I was around 15/16 at the time? I got through them pretty quickly so I must have enjoyed reading them but I am sure that if I went back to them now I probably wouldn't last 10 pages.

I think we need to remember it is actually a teen romance at heart disguised by the whole vampire story. I think what bothers me the most was not only the lack of character depth but the general fact that you can't actually take anything away from the novels at all. No intellectual or moral message that leaves an impact. Even for teens, I think there are better reads out there. But like Snoo said, it is harmless fun if you're not looking for anything that makes you pick your brains out.

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