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Introducing 4 Cause Meal

Posted by DanielleNicole15 from Cardiff - Published on 26/07/2013 at 10:46
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  • 4 Cause Meal

Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

4 Cause Meal is a project aimed at young people, with its cause being to change the attitude that young people have with food.

This is done through learning more about the food industry and how to be creative in the kitchen, as well as volunteering and raising money for charity in the process of learning. To find out more, I interviewed Lloyd Pinder - an eighteen-year-old chef who devised this project, using his specialist knowledge of young people's attitude towards food, as a young person himself.

So Lloyd, where did your concern for young people's attitudes towards food stem?

It stemmed from the fact that I was a young carer myself from eight-years-old, which influenced me to cook fresh food regularly. Also, as an example, for my friend's sixteenth birthday, he had so much unhealthy food in his party, leaving a few of us with no choice but to ask for some fruit. That's when it hit me: young people need to be influenced to eat less junk food and more healthy food.

Why do you believe that young people need to be creative in the kitchen?

Well for starters, young people regularly eat takeaways. If they learn to be creative in the kitchen, they'll develop their creative minds. I have always been taught that if you're creative yourself, your imagination will develop as a whole, which could potentially benefit the future careers of young people.

So, are takeaways completely off your menu?

The odd takeaway is okay, but I think that kids nowadays eat them too regularly.

Obviously many young people enjoy junk food. Do you aim to abolish young people's positive attitude towards unhealthy food as a whole?

The project doesn't aim to abolish young people's positive attitude towards unhealthy food completely. It aims to encourage them to mainly eat healthily within their diets, through cooking more fresh meals themselves.

How do you think that young people will benefit from learning about the food industry as well as being creative in the kitchen?

I think that if young people understand the processes that their food goes through whilst being made into meals, they will benefit from this, as they will be more likely to appreciate their food. If young people choose to become a part of our project then they will learn more in-depth about what goes on behind the scenes of the food that they eat.

Okay, so what would you say is the easiest and quickest fresh meal that young people could create themselves?

Spaghetti Bolognese definitely. It only takes around ten minutes to prepare.

Have you always loved food as you claim on your website, or have you ever been a junk food lover?

Well, I was brought up to eat fresh food, but I also ate junk food too. When I was around eight-years-old, I regularly watched my nan cooking in the kitchen, which inspired me to want to cook more fresh food like her. I also love junk food as well as fresh food, so my project isn't completely biased in that sense.

On your website it mentions about Le Cordon Bleu. What is this exactly and how are you involved in it?

Le Cordon Bleu is a cookery school. I won a UK scholarship to go there at sixteen-years-old, when they did a scholarship tour and came to my high school to try and encourage young people to get involved with what they were doing. They encouraged me to apply for a scholarship with them after they came into my cookery class. I don't start until September, as you have to be eighteen to attend there. Le Cordon Bleu have always been there to help me with my 4 Cause Meal project. In a way my life has significantly changed since I became involved with Le Cordon Bleu, which inspired me to kick-start this project.

Sounds great! How can young people get involved in your campaign?

They can get involved through tweeting (@4causemeal), contacting us on Facebook or sending an email to info@4causemeal.com. We also have a website (www.4causemeal.com), which is going to be updated soon to show more of what the project is all about.

From his teenage years, Lloyd was inspired to create his 4 Cause Meal campaign to influence young people to have a good attitude towards preparing and eating healthy food. Interviewing Lloyd provided me with proof that any young person can achieve what they want to achieve, as long as they possess ambition, energy, and sheer passion for what they do.

Why not get involved with 4 Cause Meal now? You could learn how to create some quick, fresh dishes and perhaps even find out what went into that takeaway that you ate last night!

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