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Interview with Gavin Evans and Dafydd James from Cardiff Blues

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 12/08/2009 at 13:19
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With the August sunshine blazing down I met up with two of the Blues' new signings, Dafydd James and Gavin Evans, at the new Cardiff City Stadium.

Gavin said that he was looking forward to "a run of games" now he has moved to the Blues and that he wanted to get "game experience and pick up things from the international and Lions' players in the squad". Dafydd was looking forward to "breaking into the squad on a playing and mentoring level and hopefully getting some more silverware for the squad after success last season winning the EDF Trophy".

When asked if they wanted to become professional rugby players when they were younger, Dafydd said that he "never really wanted to become a professional rugby payer", and that he actually wanted to become a footballer but unfortunately has two left feet.

He also added that he was "very fortunate to be playing rugby and I was an amateur before I got the opportunity to play rugby full time", his dad having got him involved in playing rugby. His role model was Jonathan Davies. Gavin said that he was lucky as he landed a development contract with the Scarlets. Gavin said his role model was Ieuan Evans because of the "natural flare" he brought to the game, and also his uncle who played at an amateur level and encouraged Gavin to play rugby.

The new 26,828 capacity Cardiff City Stadium and facilities are second-to-none, and both players say that they are "lucky to have these amazing facilities to train and play".

Both said the pre-season mood of the squad was "very positive" and that the number of injuries is not causing any great concern due to the strength of the squad. Dafydd said that everyone is "upbeat and excited" about getting back playing. Gavin is sure that the whole squad will soon be used to the new environment that they will be playing in. Everyone is looking forward to the return of the British Lions to bring the squad up to full strength.

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