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I Love Volunteering

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 07/10/2010 at 15:54
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Yn Gymraeg

Working for a charity shop is easier than you think, I’ve been working in my local Cancer Research UK shop, which is in Whitchurch just on the outskirts of Cardiff, for almost a year now. Sometimes it can get pretty hard when we have lots of items to sort through and price up as it can be quite boring, but most of the time it’s really fun. The hardest time I’ve ever had was when I was put on the till after being shown what to do but I’ll talk about that later.

There are three to four other ladies who I work with in the shop, they are like my second family, and they can be very helpful with advice and very funny when something goes wrong in work. I currently do most of my volunteer work in the media section of the shop, where I basically sort through DVDs and games, but I also spend some time organising the jewellery, where I have to untangle necklaces and price them ready to be sold.

Once I found a DVD which we were going to sell for the normal price of £2. The DVD was from Pirates Of The Caribbean and was called The Lost Disk. When we checked the case there was no disk and so we all had a good laugh in the store and we were tempted to try and sell it but realised not everyone would find it so amusing.

As promised earlier, the hardest time I have ever had in work was when I was taught how to work the till in store and found that it was more challenging than I thought but after a couple of errors where the till screen turned red and it screamed at me I learnt how to work it. The line then grew as the store got busier and in the end our boss took over. I still haven’t managed to get back on the till because it can get a bit stressful but I have had great fun with our little day fund raisers by baking cakes and even helping out with our raffle.

Now on my workdays I can be found sorting through some of the romance novels and the jewellery, I love my work and never want to give it up.

Sub-Ed Note: Remember if you volunteer you can nab a free gig ticket off Orange RockCorps.

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National Editor

National Editor

Commented 68 months ago - 8th October 2010 - 15:32pm

The Orange Rockcorp project is awesome - free gig tickets people!!



Commented 68 months ago - 8th October 2010 - 18:15pm

I got my free ticket to see Russell Howard in February :D

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