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I Chose University

Posted by G1nge20 from Newport - Published on 22/11/2010 at 09:41
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Yn Gymraeg

Starting university for me was like being a child again, with so many emotions running around. 

It ranged from being excited to extremely nervous. 

I put my bag on (I didn’t have a lift that day) and made my way to the student village where I would spend the next year. 

I found my way to a big white tent where we had to sign forms and then receive our keys. When I made it to my door I took a deep breath knowing that this was it.

Once I opened this door, it was real. I was away from my parents and free to do whatever. 

I'd started to unpack my bag, when I heard someone coming. I popped my head out of my door and saw it was a new flatmate.

We started talking and asking things like where we were from and what we were studying etc.

I waited for one of my friends to text me to meet him, as he was also living at the village. Once he arrived, the first thing we did was get ready to go out to the student union nightclub.

We had a great night with cheap drinks, and got to my new home at about half three. Such partying activities remained for another fortnight, yet with no work, just chilling and having fun. Within this fortnight I had met many of my friends who were to remain close, both becoming future flatmates for year two, but also there in my lectures and seminars.

After freshers' fortnight we started our course, in that we got told what was expected of us etc. Then the essays finally came along, which at first was a very scary experience, but I chose essays that I thought I would enjoy reading and writing about.

This method worked really well. The workload was thankfully manageable, alongside the nights out and other social activities that I had become involved in that year. 

Christmas comes and goes very quickly, and it was a real test going back home after being independent, and arguing about the way you do things differently. After the Christmas holidays, things happened at a fast pace again with work, but there were loads of weird and wonderful socials with the societies I am involved in.

Many big events happened this term, which I became involved in, starting in March with the sabbatical elections in which I supported a friend to become president of the student union (after a long week without much sleep).

Varsity came shortly afterwards, where we versed our rivals in all sports, but the big game was the rugby match which was a fantastic night. Sadly it was not our year, but we were still upbeat.

The final exams came round, and to our dismay went as quickly as the year had. But we couldn’t finish the year without a bang, which happened through our summer ball at which we had a small music festival at our university grounds, with many famous bands playing for us and many free fair rides to go on. 

Sadly, then it was the summer holidays, where I felt that being at Newport wasn’t truly my home anymore. Much as it had before, I am split between there and university. 

But all in all I would never turn down the chance to have gone to university, and even though it goes very fast, the amount of fun and great friends make it the best place to be.

I would definitely recommend that those thinking about going take the opportunity.

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