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How To Get In The Music Industry

Posted by JazzHands from Cardiff - Published on 02/08/2011 at 17:30
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Yn Gymraeg

Ever fancied a career in music but weren’t sure if singing was your thing or that your guitar skills weren’t up to scratch?

Well there are hundreds of jobs in the music industry aside from getting up on stage.

Take Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Someone designed that dress. A couple of people probably made it. Someone, most likely  a Personal Assistant, had to go get the meat for that dress. Somebody cut up a cow for it (I’m hoping it was a butcher rather than someone from the music industry). Someone else had to find a fridge so it didn't get too smelly before the ceremony. Many photographers snapped Lady Gaga in her beef gown and more people were involved in spreading the iconic image of Lady Gaga in her meaty attire around the world. A couple of Public Relations officers from her record company probably had to pacify vegetarian groups as well as explain it to confused music writers.

What I’m trying to get at here is that there are loads of people behind the scenes making things happen in the music business. Why am I telling you this? Well, let me introduce icould. They’ve teamed up with Blackberry to offer tips, training, advice and, for a lucky few, opportunities to get you started in the industry.

At the moment on the site they’ve got the chance to accompany acclaimed music photographers Amit and Naroop (favourites of Tinie Tempah, Jay Sean and Tinchy Stryder) on their next celebrity shoot. Also up on the site is a chance to nab a new Blackberry and going live soon is the chance go behind the scenes of the legendary Ibiza club Amnesia. More opportunities will be going live over the summer.

So hit up icould to check out interviews, reports and videos from all sorts of people involved in the music industry, including Jessie J’s choreographer, Coldplay’s label president and Tinie Tempah’s publicist and find a niche that suits you.

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Commented 58 months ago - 2nd August 2011 - 19:10pm

Great article! I like the use of Lady GaGa to keep the readers interested :P I think I might just go and have a look at this website.

Peter Elliott

Peter Elliott

Commented 58 months ago - 3rd August 2011 - 23:27pm


I was absolutely disquisted by lady gaga's stupid dress! i thought it was proper pathetic and childish. But nice Article! :D

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