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Heads or Tails: Chapter 10

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 24/09/2010 at 16:33
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  • Heads or tails?

This last one is dedicate to Mr B Poole, whose teachings not only helped developed my writing further than any other teacher, but whose constant example has made me a better person. Thank you Sir, for a wonderful two years of study.

This is the tenth and final part of a series by Tim Crompton on theSprout. Read chapter 9 here or read more about the series and other chapterhere. For an interview with Tim about the series click here.

Kate was sat at her desk, gazing into the mirror that displayed her image. An image that was torn, confused and lonely. She was absentmindedly brushing her hair, when she had a thought. Kate opened the draw and picked up a small coin that her father had found on one of his travels. Heads Mark, tails Austin. She tossed the coin into the air, causing it to spin, heads over tails, heads over tails. Her eyes watched as it flipped, following the twists and turns until it landed upon her hand.


Austin leant against the headrest of his bed, with music playing loudly in his ears he thought of last night. He had thought that all hope of a relationship between Kate and him was over, but then she had come from the dark to illuminate his hopes again.


Mark had his head in his hands; he had felt that over the past couple of weeks he and Kate had started to split. It was as if they were the same poles of a magnet destined to repel each other. He didn’t know what to do; everything he said drove her further away, as if his very thoughts were the oars that propelled her away from him and into the sea of unknown.


This can’t be decided by anyone else but you, a voice told her. She slumped into her chair defeated, then looked up at the mirror. She saw it then. Kate saw her future in the eyes of her reflection and smiled.

She dipped her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone. Having dialled his number Kate held the phone to her head; the ringing was slightly faster than usual, matching her heartbeat until he answered.

“Hi, are you at home?” Kate asked quickly. There was a muffled reply before Kate asked, “Can I come over?” After hearing the reply she tucked her phone away and ran out the house.


Mark was lying on his bed when his phone rang. “Hey, yeah I’m home,” he sat up while listening, “Of course see you in a bit.” Mark was unsure when he hung up the phone and laid back on his bed. He looked up at his ceiling then closed his eyes, wishing he could take the last week back.


Austin was sprawled across his bed listening to muse, whilst reading Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. His phone vibrated in his back pocket, he let it ring for a minute before reaching back and pulling it out of his pocket. He smiled as he looked at the caller ID, “Hey.” Austin answered. He listened to the phone, “Yep,” he listened again, “Of course you can, I’ll see you soon.” Austin smiled again as he hung up the phone, things were starting to fall into place like the jigsaw puzzle of his life had started to pull itself together. Still smiling he picked up his book and started to read it again.

Kate was rounding the corner onto his street. Her skin was cold against the air, but her heart was fuelling her, like the moon moved the tides, her heart moved her feet. Her brain wasn’t engaged, she just allowed herself to be guided by fate.

The streetlights were dim and the stars bright. Orion was looking down upon her, lighting her way. A full moon hovered above her destination, confirming her choice.

She stopped outside his house. He heart was thumping violently, as if trying to escape the confines of her rib cage and run into his hands. Kate was about to give him her heart, fully and eternally. She opened the gate, as if opening her ribs and walked towards the door. She held her fists up for a second; to allow herself to take a gulp of air that would hopefully cool her heart slightly; before bringing it down onto the door.

Austin heard the knocking and walked to the door, each step was sprung with optimism and happiness. “Hey Lucy,” He gave her a hug, spinning her around before allowing her in. “How was Scotland? You’ll never guess what happened to me last night.”

Just before he closed the door, he noticed Kate standing on the step of Mark’s house. As Kate stepped into Mark’s house Austin turned his back and allowed the door to close behind him.

Written by Tim Crompton

Edited by Rhys Wilkinson, Andy Davis and theSprout.co.uk

IMAGE: Coin Spin Strobe by John Linwood

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Commented 68 months ago - 24th September 2010 - 17:34pm

This is brilliant, I love this. I don't know what to say. It's sort of bittersweet, and I'm glad it didn't end with "boy gets girl and lives happily ever after" type thing. It's happy, but it's not THE happy ending. Am I making sense?

This is brilliant, I loved reading this. I hope you do more soon ^.^



Commented 68 months ago - 25th September 2010 - 09:40am

An un-expected ending, which surprisingly I really like! I hung on to every word, and had to read a couple of times to make sure I didn't miss anything.
A really beautful ending, to match a simple and yet captivating story that shows the ups and downs of life, that happens to all of us. That's the best way to describe it:)



Commented 68 months ago - 26th September 2010 - 15:52pm

Unsuprisingly, I loved it :P
I wasn't quite sure what you were going to do with it, but I love it :)



Commented 68 months ago - 10th October 2010 - 13:40pm

Thank you guys, really means a lot to hear such awesome feedback. I'll be back with another series soon.



Commented 19 months ago - 28th September 2014 - 18:43pm

Tim! What's been done to you? You were a genius and it's been stripped away by unwarranted concerns for "safety"! Live long and write more Tim_Crompton!

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