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Have A Fling In The Library

Posted by Pasternak from Vale Of Glamorgan - Published on 04/02/2010 at 09:05
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Speed dating.  Men and women trying to condense their lives into three-minute epilogues before a total stranger, then changing seats and repeating themselves, in the sad hope that eventually someone will be so enchanted by their words they will leap across the table and instantly marry them.  (Take note: if you do meet someone who can sum up their entire character in the space of three minutes, there isn't a great chance of embarking on a long, romantic journey of discovery with them.)  You've probably seen it in films and thought: "Who the hell would DO that??"  Well, thanks to Giovanni's Restaurant, you can now be one of those people!

But that's not all.  There are many places where you could meet that special someone, from glamorous parties to clubs that force you to rupture your vocal chords if you want to engage in any form of conversation, but this event proposes a somewhat different experience: a night of speed dating in... the library.

"All you need to do is bring along your favourite book.  We'll set the mood... and cupid will do the rest!"

Eugh.  So we can expect a few hundred copies of Twilight and girls professing that they're "looking for their Edward" amidst the usual sordid display of overdressed worriers vehemently asserting "I'm really deep" and "I'm so caring; not in a stalker way, I promise... please love me."

If I want to meet bookish girls in the library I'll do it any other day.  Paying £10 to go to a library and talk about books seems like a bit of a con if you ask me.  I think I'll give this one a miss.  However I will be standing outside dressed as Robert Pattinson.

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Commented 73 months ago - 15th May 2010 - 18:46pm

lmao you r really funny!! everything u say is soo true just normally no one has the guts to say it out loud unlike you! :)


Commented 71 months ago - 8th July 2010 - 03:00am

haha this is funny



Commented 66 months ago - 4th December 2010 - 03:05am

omfg lmao ur soooo funny!
My book would be 'Jurassic Park', what the HELL does that say about me?

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