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Grangetown Remembers WWI Centenary

Posted by Tom (Sub-Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 06/08/2014 at 12:01
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Written by you*. 

On Saturday August 2nd 2014, Grangetown Local History Society commemorated the Centenary of WW1 by holding an event in Grange Gardens; this consisted of military displays and a religious service.

Crosses were placed in several boxes, which will remain on the Memorial Steps for a week, to represent more than 300 men named on the memorial and more than 100 who were not (including one woman).

It is the intention of the Society to place crosses on the steps every month when the anniversary of deaths occur for the next four years, with the names of the soldiers written on them. 

It is hoped that when passing the Memorial in Grange Gardens, current residents of Grangetown will look at the crosses and reflect on the sacrifices made by the people of Grangetown during WW1.

These were people who once walked the streets where you walked, and who lived in a house where you live. They left behind grieving families, young children and unborn children.

Crosses were left to represent over 400 men and one woman from Grangetown who lost their lives in WWI. 

As Chairperson of the Society, it has been my privilege to steer our Group through our WW1 Project, but the main thanks must go to the stalwarts, Dalton and Rita Spinola, Gerry Escott, Peter Ranson, Father David Morris, and Steve Duffy. 

*Grangetown Local History Society exists to make the city's rich history accessible to everyone. TheSprout exists to allow anyone to share info that is useful and compelling to Cardiff's young folk. Anyone can submit news here or events here.

These events inspired this poem

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