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Globe Saved

Posted by CeefaxOfLife from Cardiff - Published on 05/05/2010 at 14:38
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Live music in Cardiff finally got a break.

The Globe, on Albany Road, Roath won its licence back after it soundproofed the bejesus out of the place, costing them around £26,000. Now that’s a hell of a lot of egg cartons.

Local residents had complained about the noise, the opening times, young people having fun and the lack of caning in schools (only two of these are definitely correct).

On this basis Cardiff Council’s Licensing Committee revoked The Globe’s Live Music License, pending further and immediate sound-proofing work. The Globe being a large and rather fancy venue needed some help to raise the dough, so started the Save The Globe campaign with benefit gigs a go-go. And by Jove it worked.

The tests have been completed, the venue passed with flying colours and everybody’s happy that The Globe cans stride forth in musical harmony (well apart from Reverend Gerald Lovitt, who still isn’t happy about the opening times).

Although I do have one problem with The Globe. OK two problems. Firstly why do almost all of its shows have to be 18+? This Sunday’s Battle Of The Bands is the only one I’ve noticed being all ages.

Secondly, cover bands. What’s with all the cover bands Globeface? You’ve got a bangin’ venue, good sound, nice atmosphere, a mezzanine/balcony thing and it smells of eau de toilette rather than eurgh the toilets (I’m looking at you Barfly), so can we have less cover bands please!

Let’s hope that with its future secured, The Globe can reach out to a younger audience more.

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Sprout Editor

Sprout Editor

Commented 73 months ago - 5th May 2010 - 17:43pm

Woo hoo! Great news!

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