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Getting To Know Each Other

Posted by JustNotNormal from Cardiff - Published on 07/06/2013 at 11:11
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I was on TheSprout today and I thought, you read my stories, which I don't even let my parents read, but I don't know most of you. So here are 10 facts about me. Sorry to be boring.

  1. Basic stuff - I have shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes
  2. I am thirteen and I am taking advantage of the whole 'moody teenager' thing
  3. My favourite colour is light blue. Literally half the stuff I own is blue
  4. I am your typical geek, but I'm a lot better at English than maths
  5. I only met my best friend, RavenclawDauntlessMockingjay, eight months ago, but I feel like I've known her my whole life
  6. I sometimes send letters to my old friend Zev and she sends back amazing drawings and stories that make me miss her a lot
  7. I like thinking - sometimes I just sit on my bed and think for ages, which is usually when I come up with my best book ideas
  8. If I get confused in school or in general, I start freaking out because I think I'm stupid and I have to get someone to explain
  9. My life dreams are to meet J.K. Rowling and become a successful author
  10. I have written a 'book', I say 'book' because it's kind of too short to count; I hand wrote it out in an old notebook and it is 173 pages long

There you go. I'm pretty boring. Tell me some interesting stuff about you and we can have a lovely conversation in the comments! Or get on with your lives. I don't mind. Bye!

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Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 35 months ago - 7th June 2013 - 11:12am

Hi guys, we try and keep personal details to a minimum on TheSprout, hence the use of avatars and usernames, so anything that could easily identify you will likely be amended or not posted.

Sorry to be a party-pooper but we try and keep the site as safe as possible. If you want some tips on online safety, check this link and if you see anything dodgy, hit the CEOP button on the bottom right of every page.




Commented 35 months ago - 7th June 2013 - 21:51pm

I literally already knew this! I don't like it when people say you won't/can't become an author when it doesn't seem that hard! Just write your book, show it to your friends (who will edit), change it, change it, change it and then finally take it to a load of different publishers! Then go with the one with the best deal! When you're older, if you haven't got a book out already, I will find you and force you to finish one(!)



Commented 35 months ago - 10th June 2013 - 18:25pm

You guys are so lucky though! You have each other to read your stuff and edit it. I have to go to my teacher Miss Adams to read my stuff because my friends don't care about my writing. I love both of your writings though :p

B.T.W. I pretty much only ever want to acheieve getting a book published :D



Commented 35 months ago - 20th June 2013 - 20:48pm

Thanks @twilightcrazedxxx and @CR3ATIV3 ( by the way that is so much easier to type than RavenclawDauntlessMockingjay!)

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