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Football Manager 2008

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 18/03/2008 at 15:54
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Football Manager is considered the “don” of football management simulators. The series began in 2005, although it was originally known as a Championship Manager which began in the early 90s. The game is updated annually with new features by Sports Interactive, who has developed the game every year since it was created.

The new features this year include an improved international management facility that is greatly improved over previous versions. There are no new leagues this year, but the old favourites such as the ability to manage clubs from countries as far and wide as England, Italy, Wales, Argentina, Australia and South Korea are still there. All the old features such as the ability to download face packs for players as well as customisable kits from a large community fan base still exist.

You need a fairly powerful PC to run a game with more than a couple of leagues. However if you just want to run a few leagues you can run the game on a standard Windows PC. The game also runs on an Apple Mac. There is usually an X-Box 360 version of the game released a few months after the PC game.

The game is a must for any dedicated football fan and is extremely addictive. There are plenty of websites dedicated to the game featuring discussions about young stars, weird happenings in their game (such as being able to lose 37-0it does happen!) and downloading new skins, player packs, kits and logos.

The game is likely to be very cheap on internet at the moment as it is coming towards the end of the season, and the new game (Football Manager 2009) is already under development and is due out before the end of 2008. But 2008 is best instalment of the series yet and is really worth spending your money!

Created by Rhys Edwards, Kiran Kerai and Robert Thompson.

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