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Film Review: Jurassic World

Posted by CeefaxOfLife from Cardiff - Published on 22/06/2015 at 11:58
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Jurassic World

Director: Colin Trevorrow
With: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ty Simpkins

12A, 124 mins

Another week, another reboot, as the Jurassic Park franchise is brought back from extinction with a bang and a lot of Mercedes Benz.

Jurassic World is silly. It knows it's silly - it's a summer blockbuster about dinosaurs after all.

We're back on Isla Nublar, they've somehow got public liability insurance to run a dino park with 20,000 visitors at a time, and the reanimation of dinosaurs is no longer seen as a wonder. Cue scientists messing with nature to create something bigger and badder to bring the crowds back... what could possibly go wrong?

Will the brothers who don't get along find common ground and love for each other in adversity? Will the laid-back Chris Pratt (always excellent, man Andy Dwyer has come a long way) and the uptight Bryce Dallas Howard rekindle their brief romance? Will the bad guys get their comeuppance? Will they drive around in a Mercedes Benz? Is there any point in asking these questions?

Jurassic World contains many knowing winks and nods to the original Jurassic Park, which is dangerous as it's nowhere near as good. Although Spielberg's role is as an executive producer it feels like it's a Home Bargains Spielberg film; the humour, the spectacle, the good family values, and the tidy conclusion are all there but without that special something that you get when the great man is in the director's chair.

I mean, you know you're on slightly dodgy terrain when CGI velociraptors are more rounded and three-dimensional as characters than the humans in the film. Did I mention there's lots Mercedes Benz vehicles in this movie?

If you're after a big dumb bag of fun to avoid the sun this summer, then Jurassic World is the film for you; it's a ride, it's a blast, it's popcorn-tasty but with no nutritional value.

Rating: 3 Sprouts (I gave Mad Max three Sprouts too, but that was a high three, maybe even a four on reflection, while this is a low three).

And I know it's ridiculous criticising a film that contains dinosaurs fighting each other for a lack of realism, but seriously, who can run around disaster zone for hours in heels? And have you bought a Mercedes yet?

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Commented 10 months ago - 22nd June 2015 - 14:44pm

I saw this the other day and really enjoyed it. I'm not saying it's a "good" film, but it is enjoyable. Though I confess I found the lead antagonist (the big dinosaur) to be something of a let down considering it was supposed to be so much bigger than the original.

Also, I spent the entirety of the film thinking the female lead was Amy Adams. Bit awkward.


Commented 10 months ago - 22nd June 2015 - 15:41pm

Actually, she is usually mistaken for Jessica Chastain.
Spawned this masterpiece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipObSiFHpyY


Commented 10 months ago - 22nd June 2015 - 15:44pm

I loved the Jurassic Park series as a kid, I can't wait to see this. Sadly, (if this is accurate) it's going to be a big disappointment. Thanks for the heads up, I might wait to watch it on TV.



Commented 10 months ago - 22nd June 2015 - 15:49pm

I want to see it so much. I've only ever seen Jurassic park 3 and I loved it



Commented 10 months ago - 22nd June 2015 - 16:03pm

Looks like an amazing film!

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