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Film Review: Mad Max - Fury Road

Posted by CeefaxOfLife from Cardiff - Published on 08/06/2015 at 15:41
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Mad Max: Fury Road

Director: George Miller

With: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron

15, 120mins

Mad Max Rockatansky returns to our screens after 30 years and not much has changed for the flaming galah.

The plot? It starts with a car chase. And that's pretty much it for two hours.

It's a post-apocalyptic Wacky Races across a vast, barren, water-free Outback as the real protagonist Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) searches for the Green Place.

Chuck in lots of dust, a chap playing a flame thrower guitar, crazy cut and shut vehicles, gender politics, innovative and insane weapons, gasoline and a bit more dust.

And it's a blast.

Original writer and director George Miller reboots his Mad Max series and does a sterling job of keeping quite a simple premise rollicking along. A big factor in this (aside from the frenetic editing) is the use of real stunts instead of CGI. Watching real metal cars go crash-bang-wallop into each other is much more satisfying than a computer facsimile; to borrow from Mark Kermode, these special effects have a heft and weight that would be lost if done completely in post-production.

Tom Hardy and his wandering accent may be in the title role but this is Theron's film; in fact all the female characters in this movie are the heroes compared to the knuckle-dragging men.

Going pedal-to-the-metal for two hours means it's an exhilarating if exhausting watch but if you're after a beautifully shot, edited and choreographed movie that isn't afraid to keep it simple then check out Mad Max: Fury Road in one of Cardiff's £4 cinemas (Vue & Premiere).

Rating: 3 Sprouts

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Commented 10 months ago - 23rd June 2015 - 10:28am

Ah.... I was so disappointed in this film. Barely any dialogue (and what there was was pretty strained (possibly due to the caveman-like existence, but still...). Two-hour car chase - as you say - is exactly what it was, and bizarrely split into a 'let's go here! oh hang on, let's just go back' plot. The only plus to watching this movie for me is that because we watched it 6 weeks after it came out, we were the only two people in the cinema and could rustle our popcorn to our hearts content.

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