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Feel Free #1 - #5

Posted by zippedlips from Cardiff - Published on 25/09/2013 at 10:23
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  • Feel Free

zippedlips searches for free activities and events in Cardiff. Do you think it's possible to have fun without money? See their previous articles Feel Free and Feel Free 2013.

My mindset has become "Don't waste any opportunities whilst you still have them". A lot of people would like to try something new everyday. It can be as simple watching a new film, a new episode of a TV show or reading the next chapter in your book. When you have the time and energy, always do your best to take the opportunities that are given to you.

08/01/13 - Feel Free #1 - College Library

If you are a student at Cardiff and Vale College (CAVC), you are able to borrow 8 DVDs at a time for free. I do this regularly. I have nearly watched all the anime in my college library, whilst beforehand I had only watched a few Ghibli films. I have now become a massive film lover.

09/01/13 - Feel Free #2 - Random Act of Kindness

The lady at my local corner shop was moving to London to retire. As one of her loyal customers, she gave me a free bag of sweeties. This made my day.

10/01/13 - Feel Free #3 - Hail The Planes Gig @ WMC

Lucky for me, Polly ProMo has done an article on this gig. Go check it out!

15/03/13 - Feel Free #4 - Trans Voices Event

The opportunity to have my voice heard as a trans person and meet other like-minded people was great.

23/03/13 - Feel Free #5 - National Museum

I enjoyed a trip to the museum with my mum. The thing that stuck out for me the most was seeing a head sculpture of Leo Abse. On the sculpture it explained that he helped decriminalise homosexuality and liberalise divorce. He dressed very flamboyantly for the meeting of the chancellor.

Note from Sub-Ed Tom: Why not start your own series on new experiences? You could use your own series title, your own hashtag, or, for example, #newexperiences.

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