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Exam Results: Don't Panic

Posted by Sprout Editor from Cardiff - Published on 18/08/2010 at 19:49
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Yn Gymraeg

Thousands of people across the country are getting their A level results today.  It’s an exciting, yet very nerve racking time.

For some of you, you’ll get the results that you wanted and tonight you’ll be celebrating and looking forward to the next stage of your life. 

For others, it could be a very different story.  You may not have got the grades that you needed and will be feeling pretty disappointed.  But, what does this actually mean? Does this mean that you've failed and that you won't get to where you want in life?

We ‘ve been speaking to Meic who gave us some great advice.

Firstly, don’t Panic!

- It’s not the end of the world. Lots of successful people didn’t get the results they wanted either.

- Think carefully about what is it you really want to do.

- Try to see it as a turning point that has forced you to look at other possibilities. This could be an exciting and positive turning point.

Secondly, contact your choices

- Contact the university or college that you’ve applied for to see if they will accept you, or help you by talking through your different options.

- Check out other courses that still have places.  They full clearing list is on the UCAS website or can be found in The Independent newspaper.

- Try searching the BBC for support too.

Thirdly, contact universities and colleges and talk!

- Call around and try to get a place on another course.

- Talk it over with your family, friends, teachers and your careers adviser. Talk to people who know you, as choosing the right college or university is important.

Fourthly, consider other options 

- Gap years

- Re-sits

- Employment

And finally, be positive

- It sounds like the worse news in the world right now, but in a few years time you’ll probably be pleased with the results that you got today.  These results, even if they are not what you wanted could change your life for the better. These grades will force you to make a decision and send you in a potentially different direction.  More likely than not, this will be the best thing for you!

Useful contacts and information:

Exam Results Helpline (Always use first) This is manned by careers advisers who will give support for GCSE’s, A-Levels and even Gap years.

- 0808 100 8000

UCAS will offer help on individual applications:

- Helpline 0871 468 0468, open Mon Fri 8:30 am 6pm

- Hearing Difficulties Helpline number for text reply: 1800 10871 468

The student room offer advice and support: www.thestudentroom.co.uk

Careers Wales: www.careerswales.com

Careers Wales counties numbers:

- Cardiff and Vale: 0800 100 900

- Gwent: 0800 028 9212

- Mid Glamorgan and Powys: 0800 183 0283

- North East: 0800 919 520

- North West: 0800 389 9603

- West: 0800 100 900








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