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Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 11/03/2011 at 11:17
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  • Mirror

Who is that in the mirror?
She’s staring back at me, where my reflection should be,
But it's not me...

She has my saddened eyes,
My hair I’ve dyed so many times,
But something's not right,
Something’s off about this other me...

Something’s different, something’s changed,
I can't tell what it is yet,
We look the same,
We sound the same.

Wait, there it is,
She's fat, she’s ugly... she seems a bit strange,
There’s something lurking under her skin.

So I’m fat, I’m ugly... I’m a bit strange.

I can see it now inside of me,
Why didn't I notice it before?
They all used to tell me in school,
I never believed it, just thought they were being cruel,
But there's no hiding it,
The truth that is in my soul.

I’m going to stop eating,
Stop drinking,
Stop sleeping and thinking,
Stop dreaming I’m going to one day be pretty.

I’m just going to stop living,
I’m going to stop being me.

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IMAGE: We all carry these things by Gabriela Camerotti 

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Commented 63 months ago - 11th March 2011 - 18:30pm

This is deep. It sounds like anorexia to me. Very good



Commented 63 months ago - 11th March 2011 - 19:15pm

Well withc Dysnorphia it's difficult to see the difference. . .it can cause such trouble that some people who suffer with it have operated on themselves :( you can find alot of information online.



Commented 63 months ago - 13th March 2011 - 21:18pm


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