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Don't Like Books?

Posted by Supermegafoxybooks from Vale Of Glamorgan - Published on 11/10/2013 at 12:33
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I presume most people would rather watch a film or TV channel then pick up a classic or fiction book any day.

The thing about reading for me is that you get to create your own characters. You can make them fat with a long Dumbledore-type beard. Be creative and imaginative!!

If you think there are no books with similar interests or topics that you enjoy, you are extremely wrong. I have read plenty of books to know that lots of types of books can be really interesting. The genre of books that I enjoy are:

  • Fiction
  • Romance
  • Action and Adventure
  • Biography
  • Poetry
  • Play Scripts
  • Fashion
  • History
  • and more

Good books that I have read in the last few months are:

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: it is really capturing and honest and spoke to me in ways I am sure some of you may understand.

I also have read The Hunger Games which is an action story by Suzanne Collins.

But books don't just tell us about made up places or random things from our imagination. They can teach us things (as corny as it sounds) like Harry Potter teaches you that friendship is stronger than the power of Tom Riddle, or that you need love to be powerful. Things like that can push you through hard times in life and teach you important lessons.

That's why I think all people can enjoy reading.

Sub-Ed's note: The Fault In Our Stars and The Hunger Games, as well as being awesome books, have both been featured in our Reading Power Virtual Book Club. If you enjoyed them then be sure to check out the other books we've covered, and pop along to a Sprout Editorial Meeting sometime (they're free and there are always biscuits!) to suggest something for our next read. We always love a good book!

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Commented 31 months ago - 11th October 2013 - 15:43pm

Hear hear!
I've just finished Ender's Game and have moved onto the next in the series; Speaker For The Dead, highly recommend those if anyone's looking for some reading material!
But A Song Of Ice And Fire by George R.R. Martin (Game Of Thrones) and anything by Cormac McCarthy also comes highly recommended!



Commented 31 months ago - 11th October 2013 - 15:52pm

Well, I would definitely pick up a book than watch TV or a film! The fault in our stars and the hunger games are both great books!! Good article.



Commented 31 months ago - 11th October 2013 - 16:04pm

I tried reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy but the inexplicable lack of apostrophes drove me nuts. I even started to add them in with a pen. Writers that ignore basic rules of writing for "artistic reasons" annoy the hell outta me.


Commented 31 months ago - 11th October 2013 - 21:10pm

I adore literature but I can't enjoy it because it's such a mentally strenuous task that I can't do it on a regular basis, which is kind of sad but that's that.
I remember waiting to the day of release to read The Fault in our Stars, but I kind of found it underwhelming by it as a story when I actually finished it, but ~oh my gosh~ John Green's amazing writing and phrasing saved it for me.



Commented 31 months ago - 12th October 2013 - 17:18pm

Your username is supermegafoxyawesomehot!



Commented 31 months ago - 12th October 2013 - 17:30pm

I don't see how people can not like reading. I prefer it to TV, because on TV you see a person's appearance before you get to know them, but in books, you like a person for their thoughts, their speech, their actions, and their personality doesn't really come into it because everyone imagines them differently.



Commented 31 months ago - 15th October 2013 - 14:40pm

I absolutely adore reading. I also highly support your adoration of The Fault In Our Stars. It's a terrific book and I've recently taken to reading everything by John Green to which I can gain access. He's a terrific writer and I highly encourage you all to read all his novels. I've also taken to reading the classics lately. They're just terrific. Reading is such a privilege and those who waste their education in favour of trashy tv really upset me. There are people all over the world who would do anythingt todo have the kind of education some people have received and to see those people waste it upsets me fiercely.



Commented 31 months ago - 15th October 2013 - 16:00pm

Most of what I wanted to say is written above or in the comments so there's no point me saying it again!

I don't like it when people judge a book on the author, like when JK Rowling published Casual Vacancy, everyone expected it to be like Harry Potter. Then when she changed the name, the people who bought the book were expecting mystery.
Also I wanted to see Enders Game (Before I realised it was a book first - I know, I'm stupid) but my sister said 'Don't see that, the author's homophobic!' I heard it's a very good book so we shouldn't judge it by the author. When I pointed out the book to JustNotNormal in the library the other day and told her he's homophobic I realised that was a stupid thing to say and I shouldn't judge!

That may have been slightly off topic but, oh well, I need to say it!


Commented 31 months ago - 21st October 2013 - 11:52am

This a great article and I totally agree with you, I'd much rather pick up a book fiction or not than be sucked into hours of just watching T.V no matter how much I love all my U.S television shows.

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