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Do Happy Endings Actually Happen? Part One

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 05/12/2010 at 11:23
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Author's note: I am hoping that with this story I will be able to continue with it for about another three or four chapters like some other writers on TheSprout. So I do hope that you enjoy this next piece and I will try and update as often as possible.


15th December

Dear diary, 

I’m so stressed out right now, this is completely ridiculous. I mean how can my mum do this to me? She knows there’s like just under two weeks until Christmas yet she seems so keen on getting married AND moving tomorrow.

How could this happen? I mean fair enough it could be good for a new start in a new school because well I’m not exactly the most liked girl in my school. You know always getting into fights and in trouble with the teachers and police. It’s like no matter what I do I always find trouble or rather trouble find me but still what can I do?

Anyway, I have to stop writing now and finish packing up my things so the removal van can take all our stuff to our new house in Florida.

Bye for now my dearest diary xxx

Closing my book I pack it away safely in my packing box and gather up that last remaining special items like my favourite teddy that Genii got me for my sixth birthday. One last look of my bedroom, its bare walls that used to have my posters, photo frames and a few select t-shirts from a couple of my favourite concert.

The colours of the walls are still the same as they were from when I was born. Still the same shade of dark, deep purple. How much I’m gonna miss the fond memories of this place, to leave behind a whole sixteen years’ worth of memories and for what? My mother’s happiness. Well I guess I can’t be too bitter. It’s not like my mother had chosen for my dad to die and it has been such a long time since she has been truly happy

“Alex!” my mother shouted up the stairs to me “are you ready yet baby? Come on the van people want to go.” She knocked on the door and walked into the room. Tears were glistening in her eyes. I could see it’s hard for her to leave this place. But she was also excited and happy for what the future would bring. 

“Yeah Mom I’m ready, c’mon lets go.” Picking up my last box of things and taking it to the removal van. Life sure is going to be different now.



“Wow, things sure are going to be different now aren’t they?” my mom whispered to me as we embraced in a strong hug. It’s sad to know that my best friend has left me as my mom says to me over and over again. 

“Yeah I know Mom. Nothing will be truly right in school again now will it?” It’s heart-breaking to know that your one and only friend is going thousands of miles away well 1132 miles to be exact.

Looking at her house now, so open, so empty and unwelcoming. It used to be so welcoming, it was even like a second home to me. I’ll especially miss the smell of flowers and sweets combined as soon as I would walk through the door. I’ve always wondered how she got it to smell so glorious and fantastic. I wonder what her new home is going to smell like now



“Alex, Alex baby come on it’s time to wake up. We’re here” my mum was waking me up from our plane ride to find I was in a moving car. Looking out the window I could see the bright topaz blue sky glistening in the sunshine, below me were trees. Massive trees with huge leaves shaping out into points palm trees. I had never seen palm trees before. And the water. It looked so magnificent in all its glory. The waves were crashing up onto the shore. Lots of people were paddling, laughing and playing in the waters. Oh I think I’m going to like Florida after all.

“Oh and by the way baby, don’t mind the boys when you get in. They can be annoying but you’ll learn to love them like I have” my mum added when I was getting my bearings together. 

“Oh joy, anything else you mind telling me now too? You know maybe about why the hell I have moved 1132 miles away from my best and only friend?!” Jeez, you would think this woman would get it into her thick head I did not want this! 

However as we got closer and closer to our new home I was starting to like the idea of living here more and more. I mean, it couldn’t be so bad now could it?

Do Happy Endings Actually Happen? Part Two

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