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Do Happy Endings Actually Happen? Part Three

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 07/12/2010 at 14:54
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Authors note: I know it’s going to get confusing now with the two people called Alex but after the point of view from Tony it is still the girl Alex upon whom the story is based, however at this stage I was thinking about changing it to Lexi so it would be easier for readers to understand, but I have not decided whether or not I am going to put stepbrother Alex’s POV in the story yet.


Do Happy Endings Actually Happen? Part Two



Ugh stupid Alex always irritates me! Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh on Tony like that; he was only trying to make things easier for the family by calling me Lexi. I mean how confusing is it that you have a son and now a stepdaughter names Alex? I should really go apologise to him for how I reacted but of course after I have finished cleaning. Then I’ll go and apologise to him. Yeah that’d be nice, and then maybe I could see pigs fly across Mars tonight. No I can’t think like this I have to try don’t I? For my mom’s sake that is. 

“Ugh, why is life so stressful at the moment? GOD!” And why do I have to have a stupid boys name I add in my head because when slamming the cupboard door shut Tony walked into the kitchen, looking slightly annoyed himself. Oh well. Why does he even care so much about the stupid cupboard doors being slammed?

“Alex is anything wrong?” Tony asked looking concerned. What a typical father figure he’s trying to be huh?

“No, well not really” ceasing my chance to apologise hastily I add “uuh listen Tony, I’m sorry for the way I kinda had a go at you earlier for calling me Lexi, it’s not your fault or anything so I uuhh...“

“No Alex it’s fine, my mistake.” Oh gosh now he’s apologising when it’s me who over reacted!

“Look I guess it’s OK that you call me Lexi, it would make things easier and I guess I could get used to it!” There I said it! Hope he’s happy now. 

“Oh right okay, well thanks Alex. Well I better” aww I made him blush and scared him out of the room. Yeah I have that effect on people sometimes. But at least he actually seems relieved now. Probably about not having to get us confused when he wants to talk to one of us.

Well I had better finish up, then I can ask my mom for an early allowance sub so I can get the guys a present for Christmas I suppose.


Whew the walk to the stupid mall has tired me out all ready! But at least I get to have time away from my stupid stepbrothers. I mean okay so far Sam seems alright. I mean we get each other totally. He doesn’t call me Alexis and I don’t call him Samuel simple as that really. That’s about as much family love as I have distinguished so far anyway. To be honest though, I cannot seem to find the energy to bother trying. If they don’t bother me then I won’t bother them simple.

The next thing I know is I’m flat on my butt on the floor because someone bumped into me.

“Hey what they hell you..." 

But I didn’t get to finish what I was going to say because when I looked up I was staring deep into the most gorgeous pair of eyes. They were the colour of sapphires and burning into mine, intent and worried, framed by thick black lashes. 

“Are you okay?” The stranger asked me, looking worried. Refocusing my gaze I see that the stranger who pushed me over was a guy. The most gorgeous guy I had ever seen before. Seriously. I bet that under his parker jacket there was even a nice set of muscles, coiled up and ready to be leashed at a moment’s notice.

“Hello? Miss are you okay or should I go and get help?” At this I came crashing back down to reality and see that this guy is seriously worried and that maybe I should answer him.

“Uuhhuuhh yeah I I think so I mean my butt hurts but that’s about it.” Gosh why am I such a loser for stammering for? I mean not only that but I’m blushing now too? I hope he doesn’t notice. 

“Well that’s good then.” Chuckling he tries to help me up but my legs feel like jelly so I just end up falling into him. How embarrassing!

Supporting me by the waist he helps me over to a bench to which he sits next to me. Sat in the shade I can finally see his features better. He has smouldering eyes that seem to look intense with amazingly thick eyelashes and his hair is all rumpled from the snow. It looks remarkably adorable and he looks around seventeen I think. 

“So.” I trail off not knowing where to start the conversation. 

“I’m really sorry; I was just in such a rush to get to the mall so I can buy my little sister something for Christmas. That’s when I bumped into you for not looking where I was going.” Aw. How sweet, he’s going shopping for his sister. This reminds me I have to get something for stupid Alex, Michael and Sam. Whoopee. 

“Uh that’s okay, so listen. I have to go and get something for my stepbrothers. Couldn’t help me could you?” I ask. Oh why am I so stupid? My hearts beating erratically and now I’m asking daft questions?

“Umm. Sure as long as you know you help me find something for my little sister. I’m absolutely hopeless shopping for girls.”

So there we were. I was with this stranger to whom I don’t even know the name of and I'm walking into the mall going Christmas shopping. The one thing I don’t understand is why have I got this funny feeling in my tummy?

“I forgot to ask,” He spoke abruptly causing me to lose my train of thought. “What’s your name?” Ah how could I have forgotten to mention it?


“Alex? But isn’t that a boys name?” Oh yeah it sure is, according to my stepbrother Alex anyway. 

“It’s short for Alexis.” Might as well get it over with I suppose. 

“Hmm I like it. It’s nice. Alexis.”

“And yours is?”

“Mines boring, just to warn you.”

Can’t be as bad as Michael or Tony, let me tell you. I thought but didn’t say aloud. I didn’t want to scare him off after all.

Seeing as I didn’t respond he replied with a sigh

“It’s Derek okay?”

That’s a lush name, Derek. I like it. Hmm you know I’ve never heard of someone called that before. How weird and he thought it was boring

Seeing me stare at him yet again I turn away quickly. He’s very tall, compared to me anyway. I mean I’m only 5ft 2 so he must be what? 5ft8 to 5ft10 maybe?

Inside the store it was huge! I’d never been in a building as big as this before, well maybe Toys"R"Us back in England but wow! This is big! My sudden intake of breath caught his attention. 

“What? Never been in a store this big before? Where are you from anyway? You don’t sound like you’re from here.” His silky velvet voice floated over to me. 

“No I actually haven’t, I mean the biggest store they seem to have in England is Toys"R"Us”

Crap that’s done it, now he’ll never want to go out with me. A sad loser from England who hasn’t even gone to big shopping malls.

He murmured something under his breath that I didn’t quite catch.



“I like English accents though.” Hopefully she didn’t quite hear that. I mean how embarrassing would that be?

She doesn’t seem too happy about being from England though. Oh well, I don’t even know the girl for crying-out-loud and I’m already falling weak at the knees for her? I just want this stupid shopping trip to end. Then I won’t have to worry about upsetting her then will I?

“So you have stepbrothers? Care to tell me about them?” The words just tumbled out of my mouth before I could even stuff them back in. God I’m being so nosey it’s a wonder she’s still here talking to me. 

“Well, my mom remarried and now I have three new brothers.” She replied looking uncertain of how much to say. 

“So” why am I prying for more information? It’s none of my business, but it seems like it should be

“Well my dad died when I was three so I don’t really remember him and my mom found Tony, fell in love and got married. That’s when we moved out here to live with him and his three kids.” It seemed as if the words just couldn’t help themselves and carried on flowing out and she couldn’t stop them. 

“And you’re just fine with this?” I asked instead of what I wanted to ask - Is she transferring to Arcadia High School? But then maybe not with a total number of 1,498 people, there might be too many people. 

“Uhwell I kinda have to be don’t I? I mean considering it’d be a bit late not to be now don’t you think?” Why didn’t I think of this before asking? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid me!

“Anyway what about you? Tell me about yourself.” Huh? She wants to know more about me? Oh gosh what do I say?

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