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Diabetes: My Story

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 24/04/2010 at 20:40
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Yn Gymraeg.

I can honestly say I probably had the worst Easter Holidays of my life.


Because in that time I was diagnosed with type one diabetes.

It came as a huge shock to me and my family, I cried for a hours after learning the news  knowing it was going to change my whole life. I was particularly scared about going into hospital: when I did I was surrounded by serious faces. People were constantly apologising, telling me that once I got used to it my life would be back to normal. I found it hard to believe them.

I had to stay in hospital for three days, to learn the ropes and everything. I was taken through the basic rules of daily injections, testing my blood, hypos and such until the word 'diabetes' became deafening. It was horrible, but having my family there made it a bit easier.

For those of you who don’t know, type one diabetes is when your pancreas stops producing enough insulin in order to get glucose (sugar) to the cells in your body. In order to help this you must take daily injections supplying your body with the insulin and make sure you watch all the carbohydrates you eat, making sure you cover them with enough insulin. It was difficult to adjust to, but I had a great diabetes specialist who taught me everything I needed to know and she made me feel like I wasn’t the only one in the world who had to live with this. I knew I wasn’t but it sure did feel like it.

It's now a few weeks after I was diagnosed and I think I may have gotten the hang of everything. I still feel a bit choked up thinking about it though, watching all my friends eat so carefree makes me slightly jealous but after explaining to them about the diabetes they seem to understand more. Although the injections seemed, in a way, frightening at first I have slowly learnt to overcome them. I have also learnt when to snack and what to eat before meals. Eating during a meal isn’t really a problem seeing as I cover it with insulin anyway.

I was slightly scared when I was told about a possible hypo, if my blood sugar dropped too low that I fainted or, at worst, went into a coma. I was assured it was very unlikely seeing as I would control the diabetes and not let my blood sugars drop that low. I was also assured that other people in my school had diabetes, as well as others in my swimming club. This helped a little.

As for swimming, I can still go: the sessions are gruelling and demanding so I was worried I would have to give up or move to an easier pace group. However it turns out my injection schedule was flexible to my athletic lifestyle and keeping up my pace of swimming would be fine. I just have to make sure I bring a sugary sports drink with me in case of a hypo.

I have also adjusted to taking my insulin injections when I’m in school, trying to continue like normal  it’s hard but I’m determined to do it.

I was told that I should continue my life like normal, and that I should fit diabetes around my life  not my life around diabetes.

Diabetes seems to be the start of another phase in my life but it sure as heck won’t be the end of it.

Image credit: 'The Pincushion Effect' by duisburgbunny.  (Clicking on the link will show a number of artistic groups on Flickr run by people coping with diabetes)

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Commented 73 months ago - 24th April 2010 - 20:51pm

Sambow you are so inspiring! You are totally right, don't let Diabetes rule your life, I don't let my epilepsy rule mine. Actually you've inspired me to write about it, would you mind?

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Commented 73 months ago - 25th April 2010 - 05:26am

Go for it, lemonhead! :)



Commented 73 months ago - 28th April 2010 - 19:27pm

Good for you sambow. V. interesting to find out more about the 'd' word. I have relatives with diabetes and they are all fab and active people who are great to be around. Don't let it get you down girl!! Lemonhead, it definitely would be awesome!

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 73 months ago - 29th April 2010 - 11:22am

Hey guys, just to let you know that lemonhead has written an article, we'll be sticking it up soon, just got a bit of a backlog at the mo.


Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 73 months ago - 29th April 2010 - 12:27pm

KAPOW! ---> http://bit.ly/cIHUOC



Commented 73 months ago - 7th May 2010 - 20:10pm

This is an absolutely inspirational piece, it is amazing!

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