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Deorydd Dynol

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 29/06/2011 at 10:13
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English version

(Nodyn golygydd: Mae'r gerdd hon wedi'i chadw yn yr iaith cyflwynwyd i CLIC gan nad ydym eisiau iddi golli ei phatrwm a'i hodl.)

Pregnant women cared for and fed,
Some women used for breeding right to the end,
They are used sometimes as slaves,
To cook and clean, raise the young,
Sometimes they are even classed as dumb,
And yet they are the most powerful of all,
With their mystics and wonder,
They make men feel all a blunder,
The pain they can endure,
And yet smile after all the trials,
Blood they loose on a monthly basis,
And yet they still live out their lives,
Working up until the last days before birth,
Crying out during labour,
To be rewarded with a child of their own,
Some women go through such agony,
When that dream becomes just a fantasy,
They try to work through it,
Through the pain and suffering,
Not knowing if one day they may hold their own,
Some men believe they belong in the kitchen,
Just sex objects for mating and caring,
Others treat them as equals,
The other women who become lovers,
Are given the name of lesbians,
Then those who swing both ways,
The world has gone crazy,
In all the people feeling unique,
Those feeling lonely,
Those feeling betrayed,
Even those who are treated like the human incubator,
Thrown away after giving birth,
Some women are born to just give birth and pass the child on,
Others born just to mourn,
Over loss of a child,
Pregnancy is such a marvellous thing,
Something most wish to achieve,
Yet others don't want that,
They want their high power jobs,
Good pay and to be rewarded in praise,
Work their socks off,
And some even their bones to the floor,
Some love to rise to power,
The world is slowly changing,
Yet some don't like this,
Some women are still treated as a lower form,
Kept in the kitchen to cook and clean,
Look good for their partners,
Make their name not look so lame,
Those men who only want their heirs,
One day may lose their hairs,
Those princes and kings,
Who only want a son from their wife,
Then toss them away or kill them when they are done,
I pity those women who live by the man's rules,
We have the right to stand as equals,
White or black,
Child or adult,
No matter what religious beliefs we have,
No matter what sexual orientation we have,
Male or female,
We are all human,
And all one,
Living under the same sun,
Yet feeling so far from this fantasy,
To become a reality.

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