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Dead Angel Lover

Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 21/01/2011 at 11:52
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  • Dead angel or just a statue.

A bit of creative writing I started, but it's not complete... yet.

This is the story that I tell, it’s my story I guess of who I am and what I became after I died, I was alive once like you or any other person, I had a good life, a family who loved me and I was in love.

My lover and I were going to become parents until the accident. I can’t remember much about that night except for what I felt right before I died. The day started like any other normal day except for a feeling I had, that something bad was coming but I had that feeling almost all the time. I remember sometimes staying awake all night because I thought I was going to die or something horrible was going to happen to someone I loved yet nothing ever happened. This is the story of how I got my nickname how I became known as Dead Angel Lover.

I remember the cool rush of the wind on my face, I remember the passion I felt for my lover. But now I guess that is all gone. I remember the tragedy of the night I died, the feel of the blood rushing down my stomach, my love clutching my body shouting over and over “It’ll be OK the ambulance is on its way, stay with me Casey, don’t die on me.” But of course I couldn’t stay with him, I remember feeling the crack of the bones as they broke and the pain that engulfed me as my heart tried it’s best to keep beating, but the last thump was the last of my pain before darkness took over me. 

Yet here I am now, I’m lying on a grassy bed with flowers around me, I feel the snap and crack as my broken bones heal back together, the blood seems to be sucked back into my body but my heart still does not beat, I feel cold and I know I’m dead, wait what was that? The thump of my heart, no it was too low in my body, my baby is still alive, but how? If I’m dead then surely he should be to? 

Standing I sway a little and I’m surrounded by white light, I know I am dead and yet my body seems to be fixing itself, I feel the sharp sting as my cuts heal in front of my own eyes, I feel the thump as my heart starts to beat to a slow and easy pace. I start to remember what happened leading up to this moment, when I awoke in this room of pure white light.

In my mind it is like someone has pressed the rewind button as I see the past day flow through me, all the feelings, everything that happened, every detail of the day, as if I need to remember. It’s like watching a film in my mind as the song It Started With A Kiss plays along in the background, and when funnily enough the film starts to play, there I am starting off my day with a kiss.

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IMAGE: Can you hear me now? by Carlos Smith

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