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Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 21/08/2013 at 09:16
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  • Checkmate

It's like looking into a black hole
Feeling so lost and alone
With my back pressed up against the wall
No escaping
Just more pressure
Fear rises up
Every move feels wrong
A word I never had reason to fear before
But this game
I was thrown into
Choice has been taken from me
Nothing is my own anymore
The rules are made up
Along the way
Why do the bad ones get left alone?
The drug addicts
The alcoholics
The abusers
None of them are me
My miracle could be taken from me
Because of words said
That cannot be taken back
By sure stupidity
Those who "want to help"
Just make me want to scream and cry out
Poor choices
Bad decisions
Now all weigh me down
Nothing can help me again fly
I can't pull myself back up
Just want to give in
As I'm too terrified to fight
But I have to for what's right
I can't lose my daughter
I won't to these idiots
The black hole gets wider
Tries to suck me in
But the further the darkness crowds me
The more powerful the pull of light I see
From my friends
My family
All the people supporting me
I am not alone in this battle
I just need to see

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Judith Shakespeare

Commented 33 months ago - 24th August 2013 - 00:34am

I like the short lines. They make the poem flow and create that sense of panic/worry that it's about. Reminds me a lot of poems I used to write while going through a bad time. Helps to get that release.

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