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Celebrities Suck

Posted by JustNotNormal from Cardiff - Published on 22/04/2013 at 14:48
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  • Capuchin monkey innit

My tenth article, let's have a party!

Sometimes I think that some celebrities don't deserve to be famous.

The fame goes to their heads and they forget that they are still normal people.

Take for instance Justin Bieber, who took his pet monkey on a plane only to have it placed in a monkey sanctuary, and wrote in the comments book in the Anne Frank Museum, 'I think she would have been a Belieber'. Or that girl who complained about having to go through security at an airport, because she's too 'special.'

Also why is it that so many celebrities turn to drugs and alcohol? Don't they realise the terrible example they set for their fans?

I think the world needs to move on from the days of obsessing over Liam from One Direction's new haircut, or crying every time Taylor Swift breaks up with her new boyfriend, and focus on better things, like sorting out the environment and things that might actually make a difference to our lives.

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Commented 37 months ago - 22nd April 2013 - 16:08pm

Oops, it's actually my eleventh article. I can't count, apparently.



Commented 37 months ago - 22nd April 2013 - 16:11pm

You said it! I hate celebrities and I hate celebrities' fans! They're just like "I'm a Belieber" "Do you reckon if I proposed to Harry Styles, he'd say yes?" Yes, he definitely would (sarcasm) Just get over them and focus on real issues like the environment, your education and what you want to do with your life! Great article!! :D



Commented 37 months ago - 22nd April 2013 - 16:21pm

I completely agree with you, but some celebs can't handle not being able to leave the door without at least 10 people there. Which leads them to drugs and alcohol. But people should start paying more attention to the environment! Xx

smiley face!

smiley face!

Commented 37 months ago - 23rd April 2013 - 20:46pm

you said it bookworm99! but i guess you could make a foutune out of fans by selling necklaces that say stuff like 'MARRY ME HARRY!' some celebrities earn too much money than they know what to do with. if i were them i would give some money too charity


Commented 37 months ago - 29th April 2013 - 17:51pm

Celebs are just part of our culture now and I think that the world would be a b it lost without them. However, I don't understand how some people can have so much money they can buy a 42 million mansion just for being someones wife, or being in a group that look good on posters.

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