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Posted by DeadAngelLover22 from Cardiff - Published on 30/06/2011 at 08:08
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  • Venus Flytrap

I'm a woman of pace, my body so fine,
With one glance your locked forever in place,
I'm the woman of passion and fiery taste,
One mark on your skin and I will fulfil your desire.

My mouth speaks of purity, behaviour so clean,
I never promise you love, but fulfilment is yours,
My elegance and grace, is locked forever in place,
My eyes so warm give you comfort.

The few that do see inside me,
See the truth and the lies,
My heart an icy tomb, frozen forever,
From a long loss, pain and grief,
And the inside thief.

I'm a woman who has a torturous game,
Ask for forgiveness and release,
My fingers tighten and my nails dig deeper,
I'm a woman of anger, hatred and never ending pain,
Everything burns when it's caught in my sight.

Kiss me quick and it will be your last,
Jump in my bed and I will never let you leave,
Killing so passionately for the loss of a loved one,
With your hand on mine, you're forever lost in time.

So next time you want to capture,
The heart of someone innocent and new,
You may catch the wrong fish, so cruel and wise,
And be trapped forever in a glass case.

Always with me.

The slave and the mistress.

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IMAGE: Venus flytrap by SimonWhitaker

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