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Cantonian Calling

Posted by Sam Sprout (Editor) from Cardiff - Published on 09/02/2012 at 14:17
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Yesterday theSprout ventured down to Cantonian and we got inundated with articles. Most of the longer articles made it up on the site yesterday and few will appear over the next couple of days but below is a random round up of what students at Cantonian are talking about...


That Awkward Moment

That awkward moment when someone asks you what's the matter when they're the problem!

Info  Family & Relationships  What to do if something goes wrong

Posted by TinyTaz


My Start At Music College!

I go to music college every Saturday at the University of Glamorgan (ATRIUM). I've been put into a group of five; one drummer, two guitarists, and two singers - I'm one of the singers. At the end of the course we will be performing at a live venue in front of over two hundred people and we will be performing at least one original song. I don't know the band properly yet but by the end of it I will have made friends that I don't want to lose. On the day of the performance there might be a talent scout there, so fingers crossed. This is all I've ever wanted to do and im really, really, really excited. Wish me luck!

News  Categories  Music

Organisations  Community Music Wales

Info  Sport & Leisure  Performing Arts  Music

Posted by diversity luvver xo


Battlefield 3 Vs MW3

This is a contest between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Tell me your feedback and compare the differences.

News  Categories  Technology

Posted by Pancake's


Best Friend

Being best friend is hard went your friend is in your face all the time. They are there all time, when you're having your food and when you're on the toilet.

This is why they have weekends so you can get away from your friend for two days of freedom, despite all the miscalls and the 15 or so messages.

Monday you see your friend, they give you a dirty look and ask why you didn't answer your phone. You smile and say your battery died and you could not find the charger then you hug and start chatting.

Info  Family & Relationships  Friendships

Posted by Buzz


Arms Park Reunion

This Friday sees the Cardiff Blues return to their beloved Arms Park. They return home as a one-off for the first time in over three years. This is the WRU's attempt to boost Welsh regional rugby. This comes only a week after the Ospreys played at Bridgend RFC's ground. Tickets for Under 16's are £5 and £10 for adults ! It's going to be a good one so make sure you get yourself down to the Arms Park on Friday and support the Blues against Connahct.

Info  Sport & Leisure  Outdoor Sports  Rugby

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Posted by Cardiff1927


Being Beyonce Can Be Painful

This is a fool who thinks she can do the Beyonce dance - what a fail! 

Posted by beyonce


Manchester United Vs Liverpool

On Saturday 11th February, Manchester United will be playing Liverpool for the first time since Liverpool beat them 2-1 in the FA Cup. It will also be the first time that Luis Suarez plays against them since he racially abused Patrice Evra.

Info  Sport & Leisure  Outdoor Sports  Football

Info  Sport & Leisure  Equality and Sport  Racism and Sport

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Posted by uzzi123


Who Will Win The Six Nations

Who will win the Six Nations? Only one team will stand out. All I know is that England, Italy and Scotland will not win - that's all I'm saying.

Info  Sport & Leisure  Outdoor Sports  Rugby

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Posted by Razz


Justin Bieber Sucks

Justin Bieber sucks... do you think he sucks? Tell me what you think!

News  Categories  Music

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Posted by sk8rboi 45


Rock Or Pop?

What do you prefer these days rock or pop? From the charts you can see pop is more popular but it is a completely personal thing.

What is your favourite song and who's it by and is it rock or pop?

It's rock for me what's it for you?

News  Categories  Music

Posted by jim the jack-o.25


Who Will Win The Premier League?

There are many contenders for the Premier League this season. Man City have gone money mad and bought many good players like Sergio Aguero and David Silva. 

Tottenham have had a brilliant season so far with players like Gareth Bale and Luka Modric in top form.

Chelsea and Liverpool have had mixed seasons with wins against the bigger teams and draws and losses at the weaker teams.

Or will Man Utd reclaim their title and add to the records?

But you never know maybe even Newcastle can win it?

Info  Sport & Leisure  Outdoor Sports  Football

Posted by Gouldy97



If you ever get bullied then always tell someone. No one likes a bully, so if you're bullied online then report them and let the network who made the site deal with the rest.

TheSproutDirect.co.uk  Meic

TheSproutDirect.co.uk  Bullies Out

Info  Education  In School 11-16  Bullying

TheSproutDirect.co.uk  Cardiff Against Bullying (CAB)

Info  Family & Relationships  What to do if something goes wrong  Bullying

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Posted by kellawaykid


How To Be A Troll (Like A Boss)

  1. Take every YouTube video seriously and submit nasty feedback - remember to thumbs down.
  2. Never under any circumstances leave your computer, the sun is your enemy.
  3. If you have an Xbox or PS3 greif report or file complaint everyone.
  4. Remember to mock your kill once it's done.
  5. Hunt the n00b
News  Categories  Technology

Posted by chillichipmunk


Never Shout Never

Did any-one go and see Never Shout Never in January?

The closest to Cardiff they came was Birmingham, I think. I couldn't go. They are amazing, do you agree or disagree? Christofer Drew Ingle is just perfection, muahaha! Well this is pretty short.

News  Categories  Music

Posted by NeverShoutLydia


Should There Be A Sprout App?

I think that theSprout should bring out an app for Andriod and ios, because it would be handy for people like me and my friends to keep up to date while on the go. Wherever you were, you could post the latest story while on the go.

I think this would be a great decision for them to take a look at!

Posted by DramaticGopher


Cheesy Feet?

Do you ever cringe at the site of cheesy, dusty, gross looking feet?

I do!

Every time I have PE I try to avoid the feet of my class mates. I personally hate looking at feet because some people have feet that are just so cheesy or have crusty skin; it makes me sick just by looking at it! 

What are your views on feet?

Info  Health  Health and Body Matters  Athlete's Foot

Posted by minion<3


Being A Young Carer Can Be Quite A Challenge!

Im a young carer for my twin brother. He suffers with severe autism and I care for him whenever and however I can. Now, my parents also care for him and because of this people think that I am in fact not a young carer but I am, I care for him in anyway possible whether it is to get him a drink or to iron his school uniform. Yes it can be quite a challenge but it's all worth it.

Info  Family & Relationships  Being part of a Family  Young Carers

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Posted by diversity luvver xo


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a 17-year-old teen pop singer. He is amazing. Some people may hate him, that's up to you, but don't judge someone by just hearing them speak or watching their videos. Justin Bieber has been through a lot and he is like the rest of us  - a normal teen living his life as a pop star and we should all respect him.

News  Categories  Music

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Posted by justin bieber 4 ever


GTA IV Vs Saints Row 3

I wrote an article about Saints Row 3 but there were a few comments on GTA IV being better so let see which is better! In my opinion Saints Row 3 it better but GTA IV is good as well.

News  Categories  Technology

Posted by PS3Girl


Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is one of the greatest online multiplayer war games I have ever played with its vehicles and how realistic it is. It should have the Call Of Duty company scared. Some people who read this may or may not agree with me when I say that Battlefield 3 is a simulator and MW3 is for fun. The only problem with Battlefield is that the campaign was a bit disappointing in length but had a great story line.

Also when online I love all of the new players and watching them trying to fly a helicopter, it makes Battlefield all that bit better.

News  Categories  Technology

Posted by EvilChiwawa


What Are Your Options?

In schools everywhere kids are asked what they would like to take for their options and are asked what they want to be when they are older.

It might be just me but I don't know what I want to be when I get older, I don't even know what I'm having for tea tomorrow never mind what I want to work as! I don't have a favourite subject and I am okay at all my subjects because I work at them so I could choose anything but what if I choose something with kids and go on work experience and find out I hate them? What if I go and do food and nutrition and find out I can't cook?

I want to know what your picking and why?

Info  Education  In School 11-16  Year 11 Choices

Info  Education  In School 11-16  Work Experience


Are Chihuahuas Really Evil?

People say Chihuahuas are evil but are they really? Who knows!

Info  Environment  Plants and animals  Pets

Posted by ES953


Is There Any Point In Wrapping Paper?

I think there's no point because you waste money as it gets torn up and thrown away. What do you think?

Info  Environment  People  Recycling

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Posted by ES953


iPhone Vs Blackberry

OK, so loads of people wanted the iPhone when it first came out. Then when the blackberry came out, everyone wanted to have one of them instead, but now it's about even.

I would love to know your opinion and see which seems to be more popular for this specific age group. 

I have asked around and it seems a lot of people (based on my peers) prefer the Blackberry. 

Personally, I don't really see the difference apart from the fact that the Blackberry has BBM, which is proven to be very popular, and the iPhone doesn't.

If you feel that you would like to comment, then go for it! Share your ideas below...

Info  Sport & Leisure  Digital Arts  Communication

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Posted by izzieann55


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Commented 51 months ago - 9th February 2012 - 14:47pm

Some people have told me that they prefer the sprout to facebook :) xx



Commented 51 months ago - 9th February 2012 - 15:57pm

i agree with the awkwars moment annoying isnt it?


Commented 51 months ago - 9th February 2012 - 17:06pm

Cantonian for the win..........(if you want lung problems)



Commented 51 months ago - 10th February 2012 - 21:03pm

Dear chillichipmunk,

I'd like to address your Sproutlet. Trolling is never a clever thing to do. I know this, as I myself recently started a youtube vlog. Since starting it, I've had random people I don't know dislike my video and post nasty comments about my videos for no reason other than to try and upset me. And they did upset me. It's a terrible thing to do and I hope that you realise that it can really affect someone's self-esteem. I thoroughly recommend you watch this episode of Panorama which addresses the issue of cyber bullying and I hope that you will realise that just because your actions take place on the internet, it doesn't mean they don't have consequences.

Yours sincerely


P.S. Whilst I'm normally weary of fear mogering media such as Panorama, it's the overall message that they're trying to get across that I hope you will take on board.



Commented 51 months ago - 11th February 2012 - 14:21pm

That Beyonce thing was hilarious! XD



Commented 40 months ago - 11th January 2013 - 09:43am

justin bieber does not suck< you should see what he does

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