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Bullying Blunders

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 05/12/2010 at 11:59
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Okay. So I know this post is late but...

Many of us on TheSprout know about Anti-Bullying Week that happens once a year for a week in November and has been going now for approximately five years. It is meant to be a week where nobody is to bully/get bullied by anyone. But the question I would like to ask is: Does it really work?

Now some of you may say no, and others may say yes. Now don't get me wrong. I do think that Anti-Bullying Week is a great idea and is aimed to be a great week of fun etc.. However even though I do feel that it sometimes doesn't work it is a great society for people who need help with bullying issues and it gives the victim of bullying a chance to speak up. 

There are lots of categories of bullying; cyber, verbal, mental, physical, racial etc. But there are people all over the world that get bullied for more than one reason. 

There are lots of people in this world that are getting bullied right now as you read this and for lots of reasons. The main one is for being different. This is the biggest issue with bullying and is very hard to deal with. For this reason lots of people have committed (or attempted) suicide, and for what? For being gay? Black? White? Poor? Or even belonging to a different religion to that person! 

So what I'm trying to say is that bullying is completely wrong and should never occur, but it still does no matter how much people try to stop it. Bullying will never stop. I do hope that in the future that people are going to stop with bullying no matter what form, because deep down even if the victim does not show it. That victim of bullying is really suffering. You don't know what that person is dealing with at home because for all you know that victim could be suffering child abuse from an abusive family and have no escape from it - especially when wherever he/she goes they are getting bullied. Like I said they may not show the hurt or what they're truly feeling but one day that person might be pushed too far and end up trying to end their own life because of not being able to handle it.

I can admit myself to some serious cases of bullying and at one stage really couldn't help - until one day that is, when I joined the CAB (Cardiff Against Bullying) it has helped me understand that I am not the only one and there are people out there to help (that was the main reason I joined). However from joining this group I have also started to understand why the bully actually bullies people. It can vary from a number of reasons such as abuse from home, neglect and even being bullied themselves.

So to conclude my confusing article; bullying is a frightful thing and can seriously end up harming the victim but it also shows that whoever is bullying the victim is hurting inside as well and that person is too just looking for a way out to express feelings they cannot at home. So if you are being bullied, I know you may hate whoever is bullying you, but take a second or too and think about the possible reasons to why that person is actually bullying you. I'm sure there is a reason - and not just the usual one that is known as 'to look cool in front of his/her mates'.


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