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Books, Books...And Books!

Posted by ssmaden7 from Torfaen - Published on 05/06/2013 at 20:11
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Sports, technology and creative activities take the top three spots for teenage hobbies. Now I may love the fun of dancing (yes, I do count dancing as a sport), the lazy-joy of watching TV and the soothing process of painting, but nothing trumps just sitting down and relaxing with a good book.

Although I will read any book you can throw at me, I personally have five things that take a book from amazing to it-is-three-in-the-morning-and-I-can’t-stop-reading! Those are:

  1. Being able to make you feel that this character could easily be you
  2. A fantasy that gives the feeling that it is actually true
  3. A forbidden but epic love 
  4. Two boys fighting over one girl
  5. An intriguing dilemma

Don’t get me wrong though, there never are books that have all of these in one (because if there were, I would be too busy reading to write this article), but you can always get one or the other and this is satisfactory to me, as I can lose myself in the book world and learn from them, which helps me develop characteristically and educationally.

So being the proud owner of over 90 books, I would say reading books is the best of all hobbies out there and would take on anyone who wants to argue otherwise.

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Commented 34 months ago - 15th July 2013 - 13:38pm

If that's actually your book shelf, then 90% of those books i have read and loved! You have a good taste in literature my friend!

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